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Resident evil infinite darkness

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So netlfix just reviled whit a teaser a new cgi re movie starring leon kennedy and Claire redfield. Probably set after damnation and re 6 or maybe after re 7

Here it is:


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Looks promising. I really, REALLY want them to...you know...make Leon and Claire friends. They're together in Degeneration, but that movie was Leon's worst characterization ever. With all the problems people might find in RE2 Remake's plot, I kinda like their interactions. They seem to bond better in the end of the game than in the original (in my opinion. This is completely subjective) and I liked when they were flirty (well, Claire was flirty. Leon seemed to be more embarrassed or shy, which as nice contrast). I hope some of this chemistry passes on to this movie.

Also, I'm really curious to see who's gonna be their voices. I don't mind Panisello as Claire again, but as much as I think Apostolidis is a very charismatic, cool guy, I love Matthew Mercer as an old, more savvy Leon, like in Damnation and RE6. I doubt Mercer will be on though, since Capcom had been stepping back from superstar voice actors since RE6.
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I don't know why but the trailer was taken out everywhere and his no longer available anywhere
It's strange because it was officially released by Netflix Spain
Maybe they released it too early?

If some of you guys find the trailer available, please post it again
Also I'll post some picture of the trailer for those who weren't able to see it in time




Yeah the trailer looks promising but i find kind of weird that they're using claire and Leon original face from revelations 2 and resident evil 6, when in the remake they're face are different

Edit: i find the trailer on the Twitter profile of a guy , you can only watch it here now

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I'm so glad they've decided to do something like this, obviously, the quality is yet to be seen, but I'm just so happy to have a tv series (or mini-series? how many episodes are there?) closer to the videogames.

I'm also happy they included Claire as well (probably to capitalize on Remake's success but still, it was a good move), I always loved the Leon/Claire duo, now if they could include Jill as well... Seriously, poor Jill, she's pretty much the only main character that has not yet been included in any CG stuff (guess they couldn't handle the epicness of having Jill and Claire interact or Leon and Jill being sassy together).

This said, I'm looking forward to this!


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It looks soooo good and I'm hyped!
In one article it said, that the show will be set in "a Resident Evil world unlike anything seen before." - that makes me nervous. I hope that doesn't mean the whole world is infected, because one thing I really like about RE is that the outbreaks are only local.


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I don't know why but "Infinite Darkness" seems like a strange name for a Resident Evil property. I can see it for Final Fantasy, Devil May Cry or Tekken but not RE for some reason.

Looks like we're getting an RE adaptation which emphasizes the horror part of the franchise over the action.


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Does Claire's entire wardrobe only consist of red leather jackets now? But that aside, looks fun! Since I don't care about Village, it's nice to have something else RE-related to look forward to in the foreseeable future.


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I am so happy that this will be a series. One of the problems with the other films is that they only have a short time to tell a story and things just get crazy hectic. With a series they actually have time to flesh out story lines and explain them. Like they could include more characters instead of having one line text descriptions in games to explain where characters are.

This could be a sequel to rev2 and a prequel to Re8 at the same time.

There's alot of potential for this, I really hope they don't mess it up
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