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Resident Evil CGI Trilogy

Gun Powder B

Well-Known Member
Just watched 'Damnation' and 'Vendetta'.

They are action films to the core, although I will say that they darkened Leon's personality a bit in BOTH movies, so his squeaky clean golden boy imagine is less pronounced now that I've finally gotten around to watching them.

Seriously though, why can't they focus more on science fiction mystery horror? Why do all these films have to have an overt plot, loads of action, and one dimensional "shoot first ask questions later" portrayal of these characters? It's just boring. How about a horror picture where the plot is vaguely explained and you have to actually piece it together based off of little bits of information you're given? Jumping around from scene to scene shooting bioweapons with a predictable "same old" plot about our favorite heroes stopping some person/organization from using bioweapons for sinister purposes is just boring.

I mean the films aren't all bad, some scenes were quite good, but I can't say any of them are worth more than a single watch because they are just as predictable and just as structured as some DC/Marvel film, which is kind of an insult to horror nature of the franchise.
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