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REN Birthdays


Goddess of the Dead
Well, as I said, the ID card with my birthday is only part of my disguise when I'm on Earth. I'm now 349092176544238 years old. :) By the way, thank you all for your birthday wishes!


Her royal court joker
November 1st.
April 12th. BLACK SPRING BABYZ!! *note: Black Spring Babyz is the title given to my (former) graduating classmates with spring birthdays cuz we wore all black and LOVED metal \m/ \m/*
Mine's the 29th June :)
May 25th... every year. o_O
30th September :)
3-11 yes thats me!
June 10th
Take pride in a late birthday
January 7th.
Always the 7th...
Teehee, mines January 18th...
My birthday is today! At least that's what it says on my ID card when I'm travelling around on Earth. Birthdays don't really matter anymore in my realm of the dead.
me october 23

Done x14! Tremor gave me permission to edit the list, so I have now added you fourteen people. :)
I apologize for the delay.


4 itchy tasty
Thank you so much Romero! I didn't want you guys to think I was just ignoring ya'll. I've got so much on my plate right now..I can't post here as much as I would like :/


Through that door, is a seperate reality.
Just put the rest of the people for October in my phone so I wont leave you guys hangin!
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