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REN Birthdays


4 itchy tasty
If you don't mind, we would like to have our members birthdays listed here. Why you ask? So we can make you your very own birthday thread when the time comes! :D

Mine is October 24th

EDIT since I figured no one would want to scroll through pages and pages of birthdays, I've decided it might be a good idea to just list them all in this post. They'll be in order January 1st―December 31st.

@Sparda's Rejected Son - January 7th
@Jen - January 11th
@Cosplaying Goddess - January 18th
@ProtoTypeRaavyn - January 29th

@Lirium - February 3rd
@Book Of McGlynn Memories - February 7th
@Maddy7 - February 7th
@Scrumpeh - February 10th
@Magnolia Grandiflora - February 18th
@013 - February 21st
@-Zero- - February 25th

@letmelive311 - March 11th
@VeCtOr - March 23rd
@Fireskull9090 - March 29th

@AydinMc86 - April 1st
@blivvy - April 3rd
@La Femme Fatale - April 4th
@WeskerWanter - April 11th
@Shadow Snake - April 12th
@wesker_awesome - April 14th
@Spikeyroxas - April 25th
@LEON.S.KENNEDY - April 26th

@L - May 4th
@Some Nights - May 6th
@TYLERDM94 - May 8th
@AgentZero - May 9th
@rondachewarrior - May 16th
@Steve Powell - May 17th
@Soul Of Faith - May 19th
@Daburcor - May 25th
@cheezMcNASTY - May 29th
@Blargh Man - May 30th

@Shinigami7724 - June 10th
@Valentine91 - June 12th
@KKAAIIG - June 23rd
@ProflicDream - June 27th
@xMobilemux - June 29th

@Hoady - July 5th
@KennedyKiller - July 29th

@Angel - August 1st
@Elochai - August 1st
@Vergil'sBitch - August 15th
@SpawnShooter - August 22nd
@Hel - August 24th
@KevinStriker - August 28th
@Genie - August 29th

@Silverfern - September 8th
@Evil Yuna - September 8th
@wolfgirl - September 19th
@zombinater007 - September 23rd
@ToriJ - September 26th
@MissDomino - September 29th
@Loki - September 30th

@Awaii-Lynne - October 2nd
@A_Wesker123- October 7th
@sergio reyes ledesma - October 8th
@Fenris - October 10th
@resevil80 - October 14th
@ChrisRedfield1994 - October 21st
@Leon_Redfield - October 23rd
@Eddges - October 23rd
@tremor - October 24th

@Larae - November 1st
@bruno - November 19th
@AgentHUNK - November 21st
@ADAxWONG - November 26th

@RedAndWhite - December 2nd
@lorddemolatron - December 5th
@WeskerLives2015 - December 6th
@ArabianLuffy - December 24th
@Meg - December 29th
@Silverback - December 31st
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Her royal court joker
Because he'll never get around to posting it, Steve's is May 17th.
Haha, May 17th is our Constitution Day. If Steve wants a gigantic party on his birthday, he should go to Oslo that day. :D


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