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Last Game You Finished & Rate it!


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Also just finished Uncharted 4. Great gameplay, but the story was very disappointing. The writing was subpar for Naughty Dog.

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I don't know if it counts, but I finished the Far Harbor DLC for Fallout 4.
I hated that I couldn't get Kasumi to go home before I got the Institute to come out to get the synths. She turned hostile without even letting me talk to her about it. I feel bad that she died, she was cool, but I don't know how I was supposed to get her to go home before I got the synths in.


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Just finished Sonic Generations on the 3DS. While the console version is definitely the superior version of the game, the 3DS one offers different stages with classic Sonic levels just as great as anything seen on the Genesis. The only thing the game really has over its console counterpart though, is the final boss which was quite atrocious on the consoles.
Ryse son of Rome (Xbox One)
An okay game to play through just for fun. Especially for the price it's at now. Very mediocre 5/10


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Finally finished Conker's Bad Fur Day. It was a lot more fun than I initially thought but it's also horribly outdated. Really wish Rare Replay would have come with the Xbox remake than the N64 original.


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I don't know how many times this makes it but I just finished the first Tomb Raider on the PS1...again.

My cousin really needs to come over again & bring his PS4 so I can finish The Witcher 3...


"Quite an experience to live in fear, isn't it?"
Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Finally finished Conker's Bad Fur Day. It was a lot more fun than I initially thought but it's also horribly outdated. Really wish Rare Replay would have come with the Xbox remake than the N64 original.

What, you didn't like that timely Matrix reference?
Zombi - PS4
I got this game back when it was new on Wii U. I didn't think much of it back then mostly because my opinion was heavily influenced by the critics back then. I feel bad for listening too much on what they thought because playing through it for the first time on PS4 I can honestly say it's a really great game! Wii U version is better though I must say. But if you don't have a Wii U I can tell that it's still worth checking out. It's not perfect.. it has it's perfomance issues. But overall it's a great uniqe survival horror game!!

PS4 version 6/10 Wii U version 8/10


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Resident Evil 5. Me and a good friend of mine loved the game when we both had it for 360. We both bought it on Steam recently and decided to play through it together on veteran difficulty.


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Just beat this the other day. The 3rd act was pretty darn awesome. The first third to half of the game was plagued with pointless quests like most open world games are these days. It was a shame. I hope the sequel stays away from the open world aspect, it doesn't fit Mirror's Edge very well. On paper it sounded amazing, in reality it doesn't feel right.


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Finished Rise of the Tomb Raider. Not at 100% ofc, still have a bunch of collectibles and stuff to find. Plus there's all the dlc. Lara's nightmare is pretty fun.
Yomawari Night Alone (PS Vita)
I took a chance on this game, I had not heard of it at all but I saw a review on a Swedish gaming site and it got my interest since it was a Vita game.

What can I say? It's pure perfection on the Vita. This type of game is perfect on the handheld and it feels quite uniqe as a horror title. It dosen't focus on gore and action, instead it's pure atmosphere and about hiding rather than killing. It works perfectly! I was truly scared at many points in this game and the exploration and puzzle solving was more or less flawless. There we're just a few weak points but overall I can't reccommend this game enough.

It's hard for me to set a score though, at this moment in time I want to rate it 9/10 and this will most likley be my game of the year as of 2016.
Watch Dogs 2 (PS4)
I was one of (few..?) who loved the first Watch Dogs, and the second one does not disapoint. It is better in many ways but I did like the more serious tone in the original. Regardless great game that everyone should check out. It's too bad not more people seem to talk about it.


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RE remake. That game is my game, i know the mansion, the dialouge, the different endings, know most of the files word for word too, got the rocket launcher, yet i just can't stop playing it. I try and make it harder for myself nowadays, like an invisible enemy run with handguns only, a hard run with shotgun only( sounds easy but on hard mode with all the hunters, zombies and bosses, shotgun ammo runs dry very quickly) real survival with no kerosene. Just random stuff like that, makes it a little more interesting.
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