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Infinite rocket launcher and balancing other weapons?


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If you get the infinite rocket launcher in resident evil 4 remake should you sell all your other guns or should you keep some back in your inventory anyway?


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I think it depends on your style. I prefer the way the other guns feel (have not unlocked Rocket Launcher yet, but this is relative to other games in the series). It sure will be a fantastic feel to blast rockets at enemies (ESPECIALLY Salazar, what a nuisance). But I would keep a few other guns for ease. I assume the rockets have some kind of splash damage to your character, so maybe a fully upgraded Striker would be good for close encounters. And it is always good to have the knife available for parrying enemies.

For me, when I have an infinite rocket launcher, I am still using my shotgun, magnum, and sniper rifle just because it feels right to use them on occasions. Plus, the largest attache case has to hold SOMETHING, right? haha


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Recently purchased infinite launcher.

I have now fully upgraded killer 7 magnum and kept the red 9. Also I now have the infinite primal knife. Inevitably capcom will release an all rewards unlock so will defnintley get the hand cannon.


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You could always just store the other weapons. I know for me just running around with infinite weapons gets boring inevitably.
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