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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999) Im nicholai, I hate you. What do you hate (preferably about RE3)?


RE4 didnt have zombies anymore, RE3 still does, and RE4 unlike 3 still requires you to get all those weapons as you go along something RE3 fails at in my opinion

You must not have played RE3 hard mode. Give it a try. Jill only has a handgun and a knife at the beginning.


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Yet it's still really easy for something that calls itself "Hard" mode... nowhere near RE2's highest difficulty. Actually, RE3 on Hard feels like 2 on Normal, so they should have called it that and added yet another, really hard mode.

My complaint about this game is not anything in the game itself actually, apart from that it barely adds anything new, but that the few cool things it does add never show up again in later games. The reloading tool is my favourite - we already mix our own medicine, so why not ammo too? I also like the dodge move, which would be a nice compromise between the old-school tank controls and the new controls, not granting the player total freedom of movement, but still giving them a chance to get away when a hunter comes flying towards them. And last but not least, the white selection screen, which gives you the opportunity to alter the story a little even if it turns out more or less the same in the end. The latter would have been a great addition to Code Veronica, a game that doesn't offer special weapons, costumes, difficulty levels, alternate endings or anything else in the way of replay value, but unfortunately it was never used again.


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I don't like Nicholai, he'll probably be like:

"Wanna join my side so we can be evil and get all the money we wanted!"

Also, I don't like Nemesis, after the way he've hurt Mikhail.


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This thread, my posts, crimgeworthy. I'd stab my younger self, if not to erase my existence, to prevent embarrassment.

More importantly, I'm not a huge fan of Jill's clothes. Seeing her mansion raiding attire gives me joy in singular tears.


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Hard one but let's try to pick something... Maybe Hard mod is not hard enough? I'm playing RE3 after many years and its not that hard in all honesty, I died two times (just because I forgot what to do in situation). You have LOTS of bullets and enemy's are dodged with ease.


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The way Carlos is never heard from again. He seems smooth and competent - saving Jill and all. Then, he's forgotten about. Wouldn't it make sense for someone with his background to join the BSAA?


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The only thing I hated was how hard The Mercenaries mini game is. Don't get me wrong I actually enjoyed it (the concept of playing as the UBCS and going around rescuing civilians in Raccoon City was pretty cool) but it's so freakin hard and the only character I can ever seem to beat it with is Mihkail.

Btw I love Carlos. He and Ada are my two favorite Resident Evil characters. :)
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