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Resident Evil 3 Remake False promises about the remake?


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True, however there really isn’t that much left to upgrade with the RE2 remake since there’s very little stuff missing from the original. You’ve got a faithful retelling of the story, all the levels plus more, the original OST, and both the Hunk and Tofu scenarios. The only thing I can think of would be improved B scenarios for Leon and Claire since they were easily the weakest parts of the game. That alone wouldn’t warrant a whole new ”Special Edition” however.

With the RE3 remake there’s simply so much more room to play around with and offer in terms of additional content. Besides the stuff mentioned in the 4Chan post, you’ve also got the Mercenaries mode which would be another sweet addition.
Oh, I agree. I like RE2 the way it is and don't really see any need for them to add anything at this point. I would definitely appreciate them fixing the a and b scenarios with some zapping and new cutscenes and story beats, but that's more of a pipe dream considering how much of a success the game already is. I was more referring to next-gen upgrades like higher framerates, resolution, ray tracing, etc.

I know that doesn't really warrant a whole new re-release because honestly, lots of developers have been upgrading their games for free. But this is Capcom, so I fully expect to have to pay for these games again for some next-gen enhancements. At the very least, I can see new costumes being added.

It just seems inevitable considering Resident Evil is their cash cow and it would definitely be a shame for such beautiful looking games of the last generation not to receive those final touch ups so many games are getting now. They did it with DMC V so I'm sure Resident Evil will get its turn too.
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Ridley Lockhart

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Come on. How do you leave the clock tower out of Resident Evil 3? All you get is some boss fight, with Nemesis running around in circles, looking like some throwback or recycled copy from the ending part of Leon's campaign in Resident Evil 6 - running around like an aimless bull. Really? You gotta do better than that, pal. Again, so much potential, so much lost. Nothing ventured. Nothing gained.

When I first played RE3 Remake, and I got far enough to run into Carlos and, eventually, Mikhail, I saw the rail car. And I said, "What? No, that's too soon. That's not supposed to happen now. Not yet.". I knew I was in for something that was going to disappoint me to at least some extent.
and the park, and the waste facility.

Nemesis' mutations were rubbish. And why did it seems like he was lackadaisical about killing Jill? So many opportunities where he could've and just stood there like a dummy or killed everyone around except her...like
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