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A third remake of resident evil 4 a good or bad idea?


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Lamecube REmake is 720x480p resolution and looks extremely dated and blurry whilst HD Remaster can run on any resolution so the above post is not very accurate.

Even the PSX games look far superior with higher resolutions so the bottom line here is that higher resolutions absolutely trump any minor texture or lighting discrepancy you may or may not notice (I did not notice any wide varying differences between the two but the awful 480p Lamecube resolution certainly is glaring).

You’re definitely hunting that dumbest thing said on the Internet award with that one


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Alright, another dip**** on my ignore list.

This website is too inactive for too many ignores but unfortunately low quantity doesn't always translate to better quality. shame.


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I doubt they won't.

But we would have to have more sophisticated graphics for there to be such a need.

And you can be sure it would sell a lot.
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