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  • Of course you do! Premiership is the top League in the world! Who watches the greek league apart from us? Nobody. It's like you knowing Barcelona or Real Madrid.

    It's the singer from the band Evanescence. Her name is Ami Lee. This is the cover of the album "Fallen" :D
    Go to your profile and press the "about me" option. ;)

    I suppose you don't know teams from the greek league but it's called Panathinaikos! :D
    Haha! Well I'm not a big fan too. It's nice watching football from the couch! :p

    Wow indeed you are. you have played all RE games!

    As for the cars. I see them as a mean of transport only! :p
    You have just met your enemy then :pirate:


    Haha! Just kidding!

    That's cool actually! Most people in Manchester support United!
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