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C. Redfield

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  • I'm okay thanks. Lol I don't think I can use someone else's avatar, but who knows I might succumb to temptation. :p
    The avatar is from Darkside Chronicles? This wiki article on Claire does not have that picture, but it looks like your avatar version of Claire looks like something from Degeneration. The Resi wikis isn't too reliable though..

    The marriage lmao, see the group talk Claire's Husbies. :lol:
    C. Redfield!! :)
    I'm happy to see you here! I'm good, how are you?
    Aww I love that avatar so much lol. On one of the Social Groups here, I got married to Claire a few days ago. :p
    Aha, she's in that game. I'm not a fan of rail shooters but how can I not buy that game now? :p
    Thanks I'll enjoy the nap.
    Be sure she turns me on :lol:, and I talk about the avatar, not the black and white profile picture. Is it her on both pictures? The best picture is the one with red hair. :kiss:
    I'm so new to this universe that I don't know the games she is in. The Remake? Is that where the avatar is from?
    It's great that you two have similar personalities. ;)
    My plan for today is to take a really long nap.
    So nice to hear. :) I'm fine too, or I was until I became this tired lol.
    What are you doing? I don't do much this weekend, except from mowing snow and travelling the internet haha.

    I get this crush on Claire everytime I see your avatar lol, she's the hottest chick in the series, at least based on that image. What game is it from?
    I heard she's a character with sense of humour and that's a big plus. :D
    You're welcome hun.
    Haha, I see you've already done what I told you to do... posted in threads. :D
    Hello C. Redfield, Happy New Year! Come back and make some posts... Now! :)
    Lot's of people go to Tenerife, it is a Spanish island I think? Was it nice? Welcome back.
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