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Operation Raccoon City (Xbox 360) Free DLC's listed yet unpurchasable.

Lord Aszure

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Post is same as title - (Xbox 360) Free DLC's listed yet unpurchasable.

Hey, guys. I'm new here, and I also recently talked to Xbox Tech Support, and...

These DLC's are available for purchase on the Xbox One, and the Xbox Website, however..

When you attempt to, these will simply not work.
I was talking to Xbox Tech Support and they mentioned that these DLC's were.. ' Available at one point. ' When? I am not sure. However, They implored me to discuss this with you resident evil folk, and help have this sorted out. And if I'm correct, also have this sorted out on Playstation, as well.

This game was poorly received, and didn't score well, however. I feel as though these should be re-released once again for free. (Perhaps alongside the Echo Six Pack's and Nemesis Mode.) So that players will finally be able to see this for what it always was designed to be seen as.

Similar to how RE6 Didn't receive well, and now has quite the cult following as the years went and pass, as only gained more recognition.

If anything could be done about this, and perhaps even allow this game to have a second chance. That would be awesome. Thanks for taking the time to read my post.


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You sure Xbox support didn't mean to talk to Capcom or the developers of that game for the DLC?

I highly doubt they meant to talk to fans on a Resident Evil board. This is just a fan forum and I'm pretty sure no active users here are involved with the developers or Capcom.
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