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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999) Would the zombies in a Re3 remake look different?


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In Resident evil 3 the zombies in my opinion looked worse than in Resident evil 2 like they were a bunch of rotting skinheads or something. With the way the zombies looked in Re2 Remake, would it make sense to make a whole bunch of fresh zombies or leave them as is?
Same with our beloved undead dobermans.


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The likelihood of them looking almost exactly like the zombies in the RE2 remake is extremely high.


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If anyone remembers the hype behind RE3 when it first came out, there were talks about the differences between the RE2 zombies and the RE3 zombies.

There was a lot of speculation that since RE3 contained a lot of freshly turned zombies in comparison to RE2, the RE3 zombies would be more aware and faster and could run at you in hordes. If you play the games side by side, I don't know if you'll find out if that is true or not. If it is, the RE3 zombies are BARELY faster. I wonder if they will capitalize on this in the RE3 REmake. If they do, Cheers to them. I hope they do come up with more varied and unique designs in RE3 REmake because this is 2019. We shouldn't have to see the same zombie head repeatedly.


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In RE3 the zombies were capable of some short bursts of speed (something that didn't happened in the original RE2). But to be honest, in the RE2 Remake zombies can do those short running sometimes and I hope it stays this way for the (let's hope so) RE3 Remake. If they make the zombies even faster, they'll need to make Jill a little more agile than the characters on RE2, or else it wouldn't be much fair (I understand why Leon and Claire are slow in RE2R, but if you're gonna buff the enemies, you need to buff the players too).
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