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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999) Why is Nemesis so ugly?

Seth Nix

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I know that Nemesis is a Tyrant base infected with a Nemesis parasite, making him highly intelligent and able to take specific orders, and I know that he had more extensive surgery than other Tyrant models, but why is his skin so shredded? Is it from the parasite or just advanced T-virus infection?

Venomous Oddball

Also Known as Maddy
Umbrella didn't really have time to make him the absolute perfect bio-weapon. Basically it was still a prototype and the parasite and virus did of course make him uglier. :p


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Pau Diaz

Explorer of facts
I am under the impression that Nemesis was originally a standard Mr. X Tyrant model who was injected with the Nemesis Parasite. If you look at his skull and look at the matter, biologically, you could say his nose, ears and, I imagine, his right eye, were eaten by the Nemesis Parasite and they had to stitch him up afterwards as a result. I reckon this has something to do with what Wesker's Report stating how a host would be eaten alive by the Nemesis parasite within five minutes if the Ne-T virus was not administered to the subject beforehand.

Perhaps the Nemesis Parasite partially consumes the flesh on the head before the Ne-T virus makes it adapt to the body?


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So sexist, why's it gotta be about looks?

I know words can be like rockets, Nemmy, but don't let them bring you down!
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