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Revelations 2 Who would you like the next spin-off game (Revelations 3?) to feature?


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Yes I agree with having Jill back, it would be a nice way to give some back story on some bits Aswell.

Loose storyline such as:

Jill takes on her first mission after coming back to the BSAA, it's clear she's affected by what's happened to her as she is hesitant and a bit nervous.
During the mission she could have (playable) flashbacks to after the Spencer estate incident to give proper closure on what happened. Would also be a great excuse to bring Wesker back even if just for voice acting. Alex could make a surprise visit too.
Depending on what happens in vendetta that could also give more basis for story. Perhaps the mission Jill would be on


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Hmm... Ada, Jill or Rebecca. Any game involving Ada is interesting enough so we can learn more things about her, Rebecca needs to appear more and I would like to see Jill going back to the action after all that happened in 5. Also Moira. She has a lot of potential and I like her a lot, though she needs a rest after all that.


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I want to play in Revelations 3, because Revelations 2 was great.
Moira and Natalia were the best characters in the game.
I want to know their fate.
Revelations 2 it was very sad game. I had a bad ending, but it is more real than good.


Don't judge me, I'll try to explain as best as I can in English, since it sucks...

I'd like for Revelations 3 to focus on Ada Wong. It's a mysterious character and we have no idea what she's up to and it would be really nice to have Revelations with her where you crossover with other Resident Evil characters
Since I liked her Campaign in RE6 (Hers and Leon's campaign was the only great thing in entire RE6) they could make Revelation 3 about her back in the ending of her Campaign when she said "Sure, my schedule just got cleared" They could continue her story from there, who did she answer to that day? What organization is she working for? So many questions about her, yet no answers.


Capcom could give us Revelations 3 with Sheva
First of all, Sheva was a great character, people only hated her for her not-so-great AI, Let's get real, when we could take control as Sheva, then Chris was pretty stupid AI too. would like to see more of her story, like what happened to her after the events of Resident Evil 5, What's going on with her and Josh, are they still having trouble with Majini there?

or you know, they could just pick up from where they left in Rev2 with Natalex thing.


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You guys want the perfect Jill-Claire game? Well, look no further. I just got done with a massive post-RE7 update to my Resi spin-off idea featuring not only Jill and Claire, but also Ada. Not Revelations 3, it's basically a Code Veronica-esque spin-off. And it's chalk full of fan service and plot developments. I have literally every little detail laid out for you (I really wanted to show off my creativity for this one).


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Since both Revelations games feature a pairing of two characters, I'd like to finally see Leon and Ada working side by side through the whole campaign, with the ability to swap characters when ever needed or wanted by the player.

Nothing more romantic, than to have your date on zombie / B. O. W infested location with your romantic intetest.
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