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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999) Which Live Selection Choices Do You Make?


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Resident Evil 3 Nemesis had a unique choice system during certain parts of the game. Where your choices affected your gameplay path, even affecting the ending. I never got to play the game myself yet.

So which choices do you all make & why?


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Well, when I play the game with (my own) canon in the head, I go like this:

1 - Fight with the monster (I like fighting Nemesis. It's my way to avenge Brad, plus, it makes Carlos appear in the Gas Station, which I think it's better)

2 - I go to the Newspaper Office and..."Hide in the back" (I grab the second part of the Eagle 6.0 and run away with Carlos). My choice for Newspaper Office comes from the part where Jill is infected and Carlos greets her saying something like "Looks like our roles are reversed from when we originally met." And when Jill meet Carlos in the Newspaper Office he is unconscious.

3 - Jump off (Not much reason, really. This live selection is actually pointless)

4 - Increase electricity output (it makes much more sense, because if you head to the emergency exit, you will need to go back inside to get the fuse or the weapon and need to kill those zombies Jill ran away regardless. So I kill them with the electricity and save some ammo)

5 - Jump out of the window (Because I want the Freeze Rounds Carlos gives Jill with that option to mix with the flame ones he gave her in the trolley, so I can use them on the Nemesis Clock Tower battle. I find that by alternating between a Freeze Round and a Flame Round shot, Nemesis falls easily.)

6 - Use the Cord (I just grab the item Nemesis gives and run away again)

7 - Jump off (It's the canon ending, so...there it is.)

8 - Negotiate with Nicholai (We know that Nicholai survives, based on the NA release of Survivor, since there's a file signed by him post Raccoon City. Plus, I don't see Jill shooting his chopper down with a Rocket Launcher in this cold blood way. I don't think it fits her character.)

9 - Exterminate the Monster (Come on...Jill deserves this.)


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It's been such a long time that I can hardly remember, but I always tried to avoid Nemesis as often as I could. If there was a chance to skip a fight with him, I didn't hesitate to choose that option.


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It's been an eternity since I last played this game, and I won't even try to remember all the live selections and their consequences now, but there are a few that are almost always the same whenever I play:

When Jill falls through the floor at the parking garage and can either climb up or jump down, I choose the former. Saves me a few loading screens.

The zombies rattling at the fence always get electrocuted - because why would anyone do the other thing?

When Nemesis attacks on the balcony of the bell tower, I defeat him using the light. Otherwise he will get back up and follow me through various rooms, and I hate it when that happens.

Destroy Nemesis! In a real situation, this wouldn't be the wisest thing to do when you're racing against the clock and the nuke is going to finish off what's left of him anyway, but in the game it doesn't have any consequences and the entire scene is just too cool to skip, with the "I'll give you STARS" line and everything, even though some people find it cringy.


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I choose the ones I beat the game with so It doesn't change the walkthrough i'm most familiar with. Thats another good thing I like about RE3, you can go different ways in the game if you choose other option during most nemesis encounters.


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I don't remember everything either but I do remember trying to avoid Nemesis at first if I could because I simply didn't have the right combination of accuracy and ammo to spare and he would then proceed to trash me. Eventually I just had to have those Eagle parts though, and the M37 parts and eventually...ok no spoiler just in case somebody wants to go retro and play it as it was
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