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Resident Evil Zero What was the deal with Marcus's outfit?


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Seriously, those robes and that pendant made him look like some sort of Silent Hill cult leader villain and I'm pretty positive that there was no cult in this game (unless the leeches count as his "followers").

Most ridiculous villain attire of all the Resident Evil games!


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Marcus was indeed the worst dresses Resident Evil villain. His whole opera, robe, leech monster thing was completely unique which makes him a little more interesting than some other villains. But seriously, that robe is bad. This was at a time when Resident Evil was in a weird phase with trying to be edgy and different than their first titles, but still showing off the survival horror instincts that gave them huge hits.

Some of the choices made in RE0 and RECV are questionable at best. haha


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All the clothing choices in Zero never made any sense to me, they all just seem like they are from Japan.

Besides Marcus looking like a he belongs in a Final Fantasy game, Billy looks like a god damn Yakuza member, and Rebecca looks like an anime high school girl.


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lol Maybe Marcus was so out of touch with fashion that he thought that this is what young people are into

or the Queen Leech within him has a flare for the dramatics
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