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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999) What is the best version of RE3?


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I have already beaten RE1 Director's Cut and am just a few levels away from beating 2. So I am curious what is the version of RE3 that is the best by technological standards (as in graphics, sound, etc) or at least has the most unique content (such as how RE2 on Dreamcast and PC have Hard/Nightmare mode along with all the extras of the Dual Shock Version on top in addition to superior graphics and sound)?

I already beat RE3 on Gamecube years ago but that was at a friend's house and I never played any other version of RE3. So far all comparisons of RE3 I seen at forums state all versions are identical regardless of platform.

Should I go ahead and just start Dolphin emulator? Or is there any good reason to try the Dreamcast or PC versions? I'm assuming the PSX version is the worst so I'm not bothering (unless anyone can correct me).


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Resident Evil 3 on GameCube would be your best bet, I feel.
Dreamcast and GameCube are essentially the same, upping the resolution and removing the odd filter PS1 games all seem to have, but GC shaves off a few more seconds from loadtimes.

(Although I've never played the PC version, nor did I realize there was one.)


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I would go with the pc version. The costumes and mercernaries game is already unlocked from the start. I don't see much of a difference between the pc and GameCube as far as graphics and you can skip opening door animations in the pc version so it is better if you want to speedrun.


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I think that the model´s textures on the GC ver of RE2 and 3 are the best looking. When it comes to the backgrounds, the PC SourceNext versions are the best. GC RE2 not having the Dreamcast features was insulting.
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