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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999) What if Nemesis had killed Jill?


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Say Nemesis had succeeded in eliminating Jill Valentine, how big of an impact would her death have caused and of the three remaining STARS members that would be still alive: Barry Burton, Rebecca Chambers and Chris Redfield, which do you think Nemesis would turn his attention to next?


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No one, I suppose, because none of them was still in Raccoon City at the time, and if Jill hadn't killed Nemesis, he would probably have died in the destruction of the town like everyone and everything else.

How would it affect the rest of the storyline? Jill is one of the eleven founding members of the BSAA, which I guess would still have been founded, perhaps even in her honour, but how would the encounter with Wesker in Spencer's other mansion have played out? He might have killed Chris if not for Jill's intervention. Would Revelations have happened the same way before that?

I once wrote half an essay about how everyone would be dead today if Ada hadn't survived RE2, and I don't think Jill's death would have been quite as world-ending, but it's an interesting thought experiment nevertheless.

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If it weren't for Jill, a lot would've been completely different, with 5 being the most changed story. Chris could've possibly died while fighting Wesker, and the whole Uroboros thing would've turned out differently without Jill's antibodies.


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Well im pretty sure Nemesis search for STARS members couldnt just be restricted to Raccoon City, could be wrong but if Umbrella wanted them gone theyd make sure he could be retrieved somenow after the mission was over. I personally think after Raccoon City, Nemesis would go after Barry who was already mostly retired, than Rebecca, than Chris.

Jill is a key figure for the BSAA so I can assume itd still be formed in her honor, always liked her so glad this scneraio didnt actually happen
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