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Murderer Enshrined

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Jul 15, 2021
Sam Fisher - Splinter Cell:

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Solid Snake - Metal Gear Solid:

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Gabe Logan - Syphon Filter:

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Alyson Court [Claire Redfield] Resident Evil 2:

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This is one of the responses on youtube:

You didn't let us down Alyson. Capcom did.
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Mar 8, 2021
The saddest part to me is how passionate these actors have been throughout the decades and are still willing to reprise their roles for the fans. Yet these companies don’t give a crap about their loyalty. “Listening to the fans” has been the most empty response I have heard when we have reached a point where it’s impossible to please everyone. Not even sure who they are “listening to” exactly when they make these statements.
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Sep 23, 2021
It's not always as simple as it appears. I know for RE at least, the change in VA for the games has to do with a combination of talent agencies, access during the pandemic, and unions. Something's, no matter how passionate the different players may be, just aren't a matter of whether they want to do it or not. There are just so many moving parts (and business hoops to jump through) to making games.