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Video Game Music/Soundtracks

Murderer Enshrined

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This song is apparently from a game I've never played before, but I do like the way it sounds (as opposed to the way it looks :rolleyes:), it's, needless to say, quite enchanting.


Murderer Enshrined

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Thanks for that. That's a cool site. I searched 'boss fights'. But I only got any real results when I typed 'boss'. Cool stuff. I almost had flashbacks, of a bleeding thumb and broken controller.


G Virus Experiment
When I think about video game soundtracks, I always feel like a little bit of a shill because I always go to the same soundtracks in my favorite series/games.

Like, I love the original Resident Evil 2 soundtrack - ESPECIALLY that song that comes on when you first enter the RPD and the character scans the scene, and I think I prefer the Save Room Music for this game most.

And then, I just really love the music from FFVII-FFX a lot, but I really do have a soft spot for FFVII and FFX.

And then... Super Mario World really gets me every time too. haha


The King of Kings
I remember watching this at the game awards before I played Red Dead Redemption II and it totally hits f*cking different having finished it. I swear, I got chills when they started singing Unshaken. What a goddamn masterpiece. Part of me hopes they give Red Dead 2 the GTA V treatment just so I can play it again. They could even finish up a lot of the content that got axed and maybe rework them to live up to the mystery they've become.

Lately though, I've been having this stuck in my head. Easily my favorite track of the whole series and favorite level of the game. They really went hard with this one.

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My favorite video game soundtracks definitely belong to the Silent Hill series. I could lay in bed for hours listening to those OSTs., there's something chillingly peaceful about them. Also, they bring back lots of good memories. I mean, who could resist this one:

Other than that, I quite enjoy most of the music from The Sims. They're especielly fun to listen to while cooking for some reason, especially songs like these:

Ironically, I guess the music for Silent Hill and The Sims are like polar opposites in terms of mood, lol.


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This gives me straight up nostalgia feels - the original Sonic soundtrack is epic

And this gives me goosebumps. And all the sadface feels I had the first time I played FFX all the way through and bawled like a baby at the end. No lie, I was a wreck...


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So I just found out Ken's theme from Street Fighter was a rip from a song called Mighty Wings by Cheap Trick for the movie Top Gun and was also originally meant to be Guile's theme which makes sense. So I had to listen to it and it just made me want to listen to Ken's theme again and goddamn, I just had an eargasm. This is what making love to a guitar sounds like.
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