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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999) The state of Nemesis after his first acid bath


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One very good detail of the battle with Nemesis in the Water Treatment Room is after he gets showered by acid for the first time. He not only looses two of the three tentacles on his right arm, but he also starts bleeding continually from two spots on his body and starts staggering around, unable to run after Jill.

Now, at this point onwards, with or without more acid showers, Nemesis either appears to be stumbling foreward, or he has aquired a limp. Given that he still had his trousers intact, it seems unlikely that the acid damaged the muscles in a leg or the bone. It seems more likely that the bleeding from the said spots on his body had compromised the blood circulation to his legs, making him take one step around at a time.

These are just my theories and my opinion, though. What are yours as to why Nemesis walks the way he does in this encounter?
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