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Tell me your favorite game and why should I buy it?


Hello, let's share some of our favorite games here and why should we play them.

My favorite recent game has got to be Atelier Sophie 2
The story picks up right after Atelier Sophie 1 and before Atelier Firis. It follows Sophie and Plachta to a dream world, where they get separated and thus their adventure begins, or should I say Sophies adventure begins in restoring Plachta.
I loved Sophie 1, we went to journey trying to become a great Alchemist as her Grandmother Ramizel once was, story picks up after her granny died and she was going through so much hardships and self learning, her abilities as alchemist. But enough about Sophie 1
Sophie 2 was such a nice game, full of.emotion, challenge and.it was just so fun overall, and It's coming from someone who thought would never play any of the Atelier games cause I considered them a boring puzzle game. But It's so much more than that. I am not exaggerating when I say that Atelier Sophie 2 made me feel like a better person or any Atelier game in general. It was nice seeing Sophie becoming independent of Plachta and the others and she was growing stronger on her own, and every time there was some sort of obstacle she came across, she worked really hard to make it right, to fix it, and to help her friends, sometimes seems like a silly game where characters are overly excited about something. But it made me realize how we should cherish every tiny little goal that we make in our life, no matter how small something you've done is, it matters that you actually manage to do it. At least thats what this game thought me, it def. taught me to be less pessimistic, on the contrary now when I come across any hardships in my life I just try to think best of it and say to myself that I can do it and just believe in yourself and it will work out. Anyways that's a little bit too in depth now lmao, but yeah I am really thankful not only to Atelier Sophie, but Atelier games in general, they just make me so happy when I play them and I feel like it makes me be a better person, sure they're just silly game characters, but I actually learned a lot from them believe it or not. Oh and the game is packed with amazing battle OST, fun story, fun characters, you just can't not love of one of them. Warning though that Sophie 2 is emotional rollercoaster especially cause Sophie gets to kick ass with a young version of her grandma that passed away in present timeline. The game is quite long and there are a lot of stuffs to do that I occasionally come back to do challenges here and there. But this is honestly a really fun franchise, especially if you're prone to depression very often like me, this game really does a great job at cheering you up.

Anyways yeah, Sophie 2 I'll probably never forget this game and it is quite pricey as every Jrpg, but its worth the money imo.
What are some of your utmost favorite game that stand No.1 to you? I'd love to hear abd maybe try some of them myself.

I am not a native English speaker and this was written on phone, so I apologize for any typos, which probably there's a lot


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Probably as of this writing my favorite game is 'Prey' (2017). It's like 'Dead Space' but better, more complex and fleshed out, and actually has a stealth system. There's tons of backtracking, the ship you're on, Talos 1, feels much more diverse and varied than the Ishimura and each section of the ship feels unique, making traveling much more fun. The story isn't masterclass, but it weaves into the in-game narrative quite well. There's tons of side content and missions and little gameplay quirks that pile onto each other which really enriches the atmosphere of the game. Probably for the +100 IQ, hence the lackluster sales, and there's a good chance whoever reads this probably hasn't heard of it, but I reckon any serious survival horror fan should at least give it a shot if they want to expand their horizons a little but.


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Dying Light.

Why? It may not have the most innovative story ever but I love the gameplay and how it combines parkour elements with zombies. I also love the environment and that you actually get TWO maps to explore, not just one.


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Hollow Knight. It's just a gorgeous game from the art style to the music. The story is nice and somber but it's not in your face. You can finish the game and know as much or as little about the lore as you want. Includes multiple endings, secret rooms, lovable and infuriating NPCs, and a boss rush mode for those so inclined. To me it has something for everyone.


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I feel like my answer to this will always change depending on when you ask me, but since you're asking me now, I'll just go with Red Dead Redemption II.

I was never into westerns growing up, but I loved GTA and Rockstar just has a certain gravitas to them, so when I saw them doing something other than GTA with the first Red Dead Redemption, something about it just called to me and I'm glad it did because it ended up becoming one of favorite games of all time. The story, the characters, and the world just resonated so strongly with me, much more than any GTA game.

So when the 2nd game was announced, I just never thought it could live up to that experience without trying to replicate that same formula but with a new protagonist that I wouldn't like nearly as much as John Marston. Holy sh*t, was I wrong. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Red Dead Redemption II is Rockstar's magnum opus. The world alone is as rich with detail as it is large, making it feel like an actual living and breathing place with people you'll come to remember and even remember you, as they live their day to day lives.

But let's be real, we're all survival horror fans here to some extent, so what really made the world of Red Dead Redemption so fascinating to me was just how eerie it could be, and the 2nd game just takes it to 11 with the supernatural, tragic, and twisted stuff sprinkled around the world for you as a player to discover and reflect on as it brings to life many superstitions and shines a light on the darker side of American history.

But it's also extremely immersive thanks to its deep and complex mechanics that grounds the player into its world and makes you feel like someone just trying to survive in the wilderness. It's a methodical experience and borderline survival game, that when combined with its much more darker elements, can sometimes feel like an open-world survival horror experience like Days Gone or State of Decay.

Putting it simple, Red Dead Redemption II is a masterclass in storytelling and an incredible achievement in gaming. Anyone who calls themselves a gamer or considers video games a legitimate medium for storytelling and form of art should try to experience Red Dead Redemption II.
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