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Ok, so the game is out and everyone is either happy or furious, as tends to be the way of things with new games - but what about those spoilers, eh?

Please can we exercise some common sense with this and assume that almost everything to do with the game is potentially a spoiler for someone who has yet to play it.

The most ideal way is to white-out your text so that the only way to read it is by highlighting it. It's really easy to do - type out your words and then before hitting post, highlight all the spoilers contained. Next, select the button with a capital A on it (next to the smiley face button) and choose the white font. Now your text will appear to be invisible - if you want people to know there is a spoiler coming so that they don't think you've gone all mental and just forgotten to type anything, you can use * or some other symbol to be placed at the beginning and end of the hidden text.

If you are starting a thread that you know is going to contain spoilers or is likely to feature them during the natural course of the conversation, please make that clear in the title. Simple put "SPOILERS" at the beginning or end of your chosen title and then, to be fair, the onus is on the reader to not look if they don't want things spoiled for them.

It would really help everyone if we could start doing this, so help your fellow members out and be sensitive to spoilers.

As a side note, please do not report people for posting spoilers. They are not breaking rules and it is not your place to tell them they shouldn't post or that the staff are not doing their job just because someone has not used white text or the word "spoiler" in their post/thread. Common sense extends to all here - if you're posting spoilers, take the necessary steps to keep the text hidden and to inform the reader that spoilers are present. If you are reading spoilers, or a thread which may contain them, don't read and then moan that it's been ruined for you.

You are all responsible for your own actions and reactions, so please bear that in mind ;)
Not open for further replies.
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