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SG-09 R Lore

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Project Umbrella
The airsoft replica of the SG-09 R recently released for RE:4 comes with a small booklet meant to be an in-world gun enthusiast magazine. There have been three prior issues, all of them providing lore and technical information for the guns. This is also the first story to feature Joseph Kendo "in the flesh", after previously appearing in past issues as Blue Umbrella's chief of firearms development. The original handgun from BIO4 is also referenced, with the "SG" revealed to stand for Silver Ghost, a reference to the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost car.

Some additional information on the gun was also added to the Umbrella Arsenal System:

SG-09 R
Bioweapons used in bioterrorism were evolving at an accelerating pace and it had even been confirmed some individuals were capable of undergoing further metamorphosis depending on the environment and circumstances. In the early days of organizations fighting back, selecting gear was a major challenge since these targets couldn't be fully foreseen.
So rather than agents under the President's direct command adopting standardized equipment, a system was adopted to determine the performance standards required by each individual agent, with the organization providing support toward procuring the gear. The "SG-09 R" is one of the customizations by the gunsmith Joe Kendo.

"The SG-09 R's based upon the H&K USP, but rather than using the highly lethal .45 ACP bullet model, it's based on the 9mm Parabellum model which has the advantage of a high-capacity magazine and lower recoil, with a compensator, finger channels and other parts emphasizing stability also installed.
Furthermore, the internal components have been recalibrated to achieve high performance levels in terms of "stable operation, high precision, rigidity and weight balance."

The SG-09 R's performance analysis results provide a glimpse into the performance standards demanded by agents who survived the Raccoon Incident, and are proof of the high level of Joe Kendo's skills in customization.

This weapon was designed to be used against B.O.W.'s, a pistol that required the same level of performance as an Offensive Handgun Weapon System. Joe Kendo customized it. Various custom parts were added such as a compensator fitted on the converted silver slide, a Picatinny-standard undermount and finger channels, but the individual parts comprising the gun itself were reworked with a high degree of precision, with the customizing process reconfiguring them. Although not obvious at first glance, nearly every part's been modified. It's customary for firearms used by the President's direct agents to have the "Kendo" printed on the gun's side erased during the final adjustment stage out of confidentiality concerns, but this gun's owner Leon is said to have liked it so much he decided to retain the gun with it still on.
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