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Separate Ways DLC (September 21st)


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As for Ada working for the Chinese government where in supplemental material is this referenced? It’s never mentioned in any of the games.

Well, to be fair, it's never directly referenced, but 'Dead Aim', in context, is the biggest greatest giveaway of them all, as Bruce and Fong Ling were designed to be quick and fun versions of Leon and Ada jam packed into a simple, single game w/o any overarching story across multiple games. This was the original arc behind Ada Wong, anyway, Fong Ling was a very simplified version of her. I'm glad you mentioned the deaths of Sugimura and Suga though, because one of them probably conceptualized Ada as a secret Chinese spy but Capcom later decided to brush it off and do whatever they want with her, further putting more nails into the proverbial coffin of the series.

What Capcom decides to do with Ada in the future is a mystery though, but the original idea of Leon and Ada being twin flame agents working for rival governments is quite good and I hope they try to mend this original arc in the future but it may be too late for that because everything in the series lore wise has been a hot mess since RE4 2005.


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According to the Wiki, Ada works for The Organization/Rival Company as does Wesker. Though, by the time of Resident Evil 4, Wesker was already planning to betray them by linking up with Tricell. This is supposed to be why she doesn't give Wesker the Plaga sample as The Organization had ordered her to retrieve the sample for them and basically ditch Wesker. It's been forever since I played Umbrella Chronicles or read the massive comprehensive files in RE5. So I don't know where exactly this info comes from, but it's annoying how this stuff never really comes through from the games themselves. Even in the remake, there is 0 hint that Ada and Wesker work for the same company or that he's planning on betraying them. Ada also isn't following anyone's orders when she betrays Wesker and instead makes a snap judgment call because she doesn't like Wesker's maniacal plans. Regardless, I would have assumed there was more to Ada as I've always likened her relationship with Leon to Batman and Catwoman. But Ada has literally always been just as much of a villain in the series as Wesker, which makes Leon seem extremely foolish for always letting her go and protecting her to the extent he did in RE6. She's f*cking evil, plain and simple.


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@Ikawaru I'm not sure that we can say just because Fong Ling works for the Chinese government and Bruce and Fong Ling are like Leon and Ada in RE4 that it concretely means Ada is a Chinese spy or that her true allegiances are clearly with the Chinese government.

Dead Aim was released in early 2003 and RE4 was released in early 2005. RE4 was cooking for a hot minute to the point where, the year Dead Aim was released, the RE4 trailer we received was one of the earlier versions of the game that was eventually scrapped before the team started over.

Both games were in development at the same time, being worked on by two separate teams. As a spin off, the likelihood of Dead Aim's creators being privy to the details of RE4, a main title entry, are highly unlikely. The chances of them requesting references to the awaited game be included in the spin off as an Easter egg or sharing notes about their characters is even more unlikely in my opinion. Especially since I'm not even sure if it was known at the time that Ada would return in the new title.

I don't personally remember her being included in any of the beta trailers.

At this point, I think it's safe to say that any similarities between the two, real or imagined, is coincidental. As such, I doubt that Fong Ling's existence or story was meant to be a nod to Ada in any way whatsoever or that it was meant to prove anything about Ada's own existence/story in the series.

I apologize, but I feel that this theory is a bit of a reach.
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Interesting, I guess I never realized both Ada and Wesker worked for the same rival company before. I had always seen it as a situation where Wesker hired her on, as a last-ditch effort, to get the sample of the virus before Raccoon City was nuked and their co-ops just continued because he knew she could get the job done and she just wanted to keep her enemies close while still working for The Organization.

I can't say I'm shocked that Capcom didn't enlighten us with new info on Ada’s background with Separate Ways, but there was certainly an opportunity for more development there.

I'd say RE6 was the biggest fumble with her character though as it was the game that focused on her the most. With Chris being hellbent with taking Ada down, the BSAA could have come across more intel on her and it would have been the perfect opportunity to shed some light on her origin story and bring us up to speed on the organization she works with as well as her intentions within the series... Maybe we'll see this when Capcom gives RE6 a facelift remake. :p

As for the Separate Ways DLC, I binge-played through Separate Ways the first weekend following its release date and thought it was a perfect addition to the main game's story. I also wouldn't say that it's better than the main game but it is a bit more fun to play through. It was well thought out and I enjoyed the changes made to the story. It was a good move on their part to no longer have Krauser working for Wesker here as it felt less convoluted that way.

I think Capcom is clearly setting us up for an RE5 remake and I couldn't be more hyped even though I know Code Veronica deserves the remake treatment the most. But I'm still hopeful for a CV remake to come... they said multiples! It was plural! Give me all the Wesker and Chris innuendos.

EDIT: To fix my crappy wording from this AM.
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I still can’t get over the RE5 music playing at the end. With how good Capcom have become at this now, game of the decade material is the potential of this game being remade. This is serious ****.


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Agreed! I don’t want to get my hopes too high with expectations, but if they give it the same love and care that they gave to REmake 2 and 4, then this will be one hell of a game.

Hope they take more creative liberties with RE5’s story.
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