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Rewriting the CGI Movies


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This is another fun little exercise, how would you write the CGI trilogy movies by Capcom? Here are the rules: you can pick any of the movies as you wish, but only the three, no new entries. You can add or subtract characters to fit your story, monsters included as long as they are from the games. You can also fix up the story, or create a new one if you wish.

Go ahead, I cannot wait to see your ideas!

Nero Sparda

For Degeneration; I would definitely change Leon's personality more similar to RE4 / RE6 and add more screentime for Claire.

I wouldn't really change anything in Damnation to be honest; overall I thought it was fine.

As for Vendetta; well...

1. Definitely get rid of the scenes that involve heroes killing civilians, including the ending.

2. Remove the mansion sequence. Why are the soldiers so easily killed like that? Change it with a flashback scene for Jill instead.

3. Rebecca doesn't get kidnapped. University raid happens mostly same and she got saved by Jill and Barry along with new characters. After that, Rebecca's mostly with Barry while Jill finds Chris and is mostly with her. Speaking of Jill, change her hair color back to her original color instead of blonde.

4. Replace the new virus with C-Virus instead so that the movie connects better to RE6. New monsters not found in that game would have been cool too.

5. For the villains, change their backstory so that they are Neo-Umbrella members who want revenge from BSAA and how they are ****ed at Carla's death.

6. Add a long dialogue between Chris and Jill where she says to him how was her life really crap after RE5 since she wasn't allowed to take part in operations and how she's really happy now that she's with Chris.

7. If there's going to be a motorcycle scene, Jill should be the one riding it. And of course no innocent killing!

8. Remove the Breaking Bad reference.

9. Jill and Chris fight with both of the villains. Both of them got horribly killed by Valenfield team. Their deaths causes a special C-Virus BOW to get released which Valenfield team kill along with Barry and Rebecca's help.

10. The ending shows us with a mysterious villain observing BSAA. He's actually the new Family leader from RE6 which is told in the files.

11. Tell us which year this movie takes place.


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To get the ball rolling, i'll start by doing my own rewrite of Degeneration~ i'll do the other two later

The opening intro is about the rise of Bioterrorism, The black market for stolen virus, and introduce us to Terrasave as an up and coming humanitarian organization. Instead of an airport, we cut to a fancy hotel. There is a conference being held by a representative of Tri-Cell Dr. Doe(a placeholder because I am lazy), as the whole shindig is about making a partnership with Terrasave, plus, they announce that they have a working Anti-Virus to combat the ongoing spread of the T-Virus ravaging isolated parts of the world. We met with Claire Redfield, revealing to be a member of Terrasave. She mingles with people, meeting with Dr Doe, and representative and creator of the Anti-Virus, Linda!(Yeah Linda....from Outbreak #2?) She is now working with Terrasave after the Raccoon city incident, and she is trying to redeem herself since she is a former scientist of Umbrella and knows about some of their inner workings. You know who else is here? A 15 year old Sherry! Actually, it's more of a cameo as she talks to Claire via phone.

The girls talk about the conference and planning on meeting afterwards for quality time. Sherry talks about how she misses Leon, it has been a long time since she has seen him. The outbreak starts when a man is feeling sick, and he falls over in the crowded area and a gas fills the room. The hotel is now under lockdown all of a sudden, and there is panic as the gas has traces of fast acting T-Virus, turning people into zombies. Claire, Linda, Dr Doe, and others manage to escape from the chaos, but they are still trapped in the hotel.

It is now late afternoon, and the hotel has been quarantined by the FCB since this is a BOW alert. We meet with Parker, and his team of canon fodder going over the hotel layout and coming up with a plan. Leon has arrived to assist with the rescue operation, and he is not the stick in the mud as he is in the original movie. They believe that this incident is caused by Veltro, and they could be in the building. The plan is to use the roof to go in, rescue as many survivors as possible, and find the terrorists. They land on the roof, used the elevator to search and they encounter zombies mainly and their group dwindles. Veltro is indeed here, and they are looking for Dr Doe.

Parker and Leon found Claire and her group, and they team up battling zombies, Veltro and stuff until the final battle is on the roof with the leader of this splinter group. Lets call them Leader Doe. LD is the one responsible for the attack, as they explain that Dr Doe was responsible for causing an atrocity on their town, and it is for revenge. LD injects themselves with tons of T-Virus and turns into a monster. They battle, they win, and the anti-virus arrives to cure the survivors and a large time goes in for clean-up.

Mid credts are dedicated to foreshadowing to the Terragrigia Panic and Morgan Lansdale laughing evily in the dark.

Deleted member 21244

I m fine whit degeneration and damantion but I would probably rewrite the whole vendetta especially the part in Wich leon kill civilian


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oho, then I cannot wait to see your idea for it if you decide to post it here!

Degeneration is fine I suppose, but Damnation is a bit...confusing in my opinion, what is even going on?! I'll get to it and Vendetta later so that it can make sense!
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