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Resident Evil: Vendetta (TRAILER) Japanese


Here we got this Resident Evil Vendetta, Japanese

Check it out and tell what do you think about third RE CGI Movie, I am very excited and can't wait to see it
Especially because Rebecca Chambers makes appearance in it

EDIT: Title edited, I haven't been on for a long and I must slipped this trailer because It is the first time seeing this it
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Man, I thought this was a new trailer. Time to burn a few flags, skip out on my homework, and not go to work. :<


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I think this is not a new trailer at all.
I have seen this movie. Resident Evil is a return to form after the utterly terrible Resident Evil previous episode . The move to a first person perspective works very well and immerses you even more in the Resident Evil universe. Graphics are fantastic. Every room and environment is detailed. The mansion and houses all have a unique feel and look gritty and horrifying. The game-play is similar to the early games and rewards exploration. The story is good although not mind-blowing it still has an interesting narrative that will satisfy until the end of game. The
Haplos levels are a unique twist and offer some variation in game-play. 'Happy Birthday' is the stand out tape and reminds me of the film SAW. Sound and music help to create the atmosphere well. With more sinister tracks playing when you about to encounter something dreadful and the traditional calming track when you finally find that safe room! Combat works well and the bosses you encounter are all varied and interesting.

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I must say that this movie was well made. It was nice to see Rebecca back after such a long ass time where we didn't think we'd see her again. But I was let down badly by Chris not explicitly talking about his own PTSD issues to Leon about losing Piers. Although I believe there's a novel version that has some of this intact. It's really quite sad when they overlook things like that just to avoid displaying such repetition. It makes the continuity seem flawed too. Like the movies and games are not even meant to be connected, when they indeed are.

Remember in 'Degeneration' how we saw Claire erroneously yield a shotgun? She never actually had a shotgun in 2 at any stage. She acquired a crossbow. So things like that may seem unforgivable to a purist. However, for nostalgia purposes, it was great that the scene was in the film. It does make you wonder though why that blunder was put in.
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