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Resident Evil Code: Veronica - Puzzle Solutions

by Steve Powell on Oct 27, 2010 at 5:26 PM
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    Portrait Puzzle

    1. The portrait of the Beautiful Woman holding a tea set.
    2. The middle-aged man with the red-headed twins.
    3. The red-haired man holding the tea set.
    4. The red-haired man with the earthenware plate.
    5. The white-haired man with the earthenware vase.
    6. The man with the candlestick.
    7. The large portrait atop the steps which displays the boy from the film in the projector room.

    Drawer Puzzle

    1. Open the red drawer.
    2. Open the green drawer.
    3. Open the blue drawer (something unlocks).
    4. Open the brown drawer to receive the LUGER REPLICA.

    Airport Oil Pressure Puzzle

    1. Use the 5-liter tank.
    2. Use the 3-liter tank.
    3. Use the 3-liter tank again.
    4. Flush the 10-liter tank.
    5. Use the 3-liter tank three times.

    Cryo Storage Lab Puzzle

    The correct console sequence would be...
    1. Select the 'AA' symbol.
    2. Select the 'Crown' symbol.
    3. Select the 'Heart' symbol.
    4. Select the 'Spade' symbol.
    Then insert the Paper Weight into the drawer to complete the puzzle.

    Self-destruct Safety Lock Release Terminal Password

    The password is, curiously enough, 'VERONICA'.
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