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Uncategorised Resident Evil 8 game idea!


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Hey guys
So I was looking forward to Resident Evil 8 or just any future title in general and thought of a few ideas of what would make a cool RE game.

The video is here is any of you want to check it out:

Cure Zombrex

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Sometimes, I wonder if Capcom secretly fired a lot of folk in the mid-2000s, like how Team Silent within Konami split away. To me, it appears that this may have occurred in some unknown capacity, because it always seems weird to me how they shifted their focus onto action, like they had never played any of the older games at all.

It seems RE4 and most of the games after that weren't made by Capcom, despite that they were. But if you were arranging them on a bookcase, you could maybe just put 0 up to Code: Veronica on one shelf, and RE4 to RE7: Biohazard on another. Or start a new shelf with RE7: Biohazard as a second reboot of sorts.
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