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RE5 Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares - Score Star Locations Guide

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With the release of the Lost in Nightmares DLC for RE5 came extra achievements to unlock and trophies to earn; one of the new ones which is giving fans a hard time is the "Wish Upon a Star" achievement/trophy. For the "Wish Upon a Star" achievement/trophy, you are required to find all 18 hidden "Score Star" emblems that are scattered throughout the Spencer Mansion. Did Wesker hide 'em? Probably. The little crap. Regardless, I have compiled a guide complete with screenshots in order to help those of you whom are having trouble tracking down each and every last Score Star emblem.

I'd recommend you attempt this on the easiest difficulty.


Spencer Mansion

1. Immediately after starting the game, you'll be staring at a set of stairs. You'll need to head to either the left or right of the stairs, through an archway and down some stairs. You'll now be in a small room with an iron gate and a lever. The emblem is stuck to a light on the ceiling.


2. After pulling the lever which is situated in the same room as Score Star #1, you'll be able to head up the stairs and through the once-locked gate which is at the top of the stairs. Go through either gate, follow the walkway along and look upwards toward the main window and the roof, above the main door that Chris and Jill entered through.


3. A cheeky one, this. A sniper rifle is ideal (the sniper rifle is located within the same room as the "Heat Sensitive Paper") but not essential. This Score Star is located on the chandelier which is hanging above the main entrance lobby.


4. After the part where Chris launches Jill over the broken bit of hallway, have the person whom is playing Jill enter the room in front of her and have her immediately follow the walkway to the right. In the corner, above the vase of flowers will be your next Score Star.


Note: It is also possible to get this Score Star in single player - after Jill has unlocked the big blue doors for you and you are able to enter the dining room, stand near the fireplace and look up towards the corner of the second floor.

5. Hidden inside the grandfather clock which is inside the dining room.


6. Inside the downstairs bathroom, on the shelf.


7. Hidden behind some decorative plates on a side-table immediately outside of the bedroom with the "Password 3" diary entry.


8. About 5 seconds away from where you acquire the "Heat Sensitive Paper", in the storage room with the piles of boxes and crates. The Score Star is hidden inside a cage in the corner.


9. After you have entered all 3 passwords into a computer, a secret room will be revealed; stepping inside will trigger a trap whereby a bed of spikes will begin descending so it is recommended that you attempt to shoot this Score Star before entering the room.


10. On the ceiling in the same room as the lever which is used to disable the ceiling spikes trap.


11. Shortly after Chris and Jill have used the crank to gain entrance to the area behind the iron gate, you will get to a point where you will have to "Jump Down" to continue. Before doing so, lean as far over the ledge as possible and to the right is your next Score Star.


Before proceeding - know that this is the point of no return. Please ensure that you have collected all Score Stars listed above before continuing onto the prison cells area.

Prison Cells

12. Upon entering the prison cells area, Chris and Jill will comment on "the smell". Follow the narrow corridor along and down some steps, keep going and the next Score Star is situated in a cell just before the first bend, lying next to a corpse.


13. In a cell of the right, on the bottom shelf - this one might take a little bit of manoeuvring to get into just the right position to shoot.


14. Immediately after Score Star #13, turn around and look up ever so slightly.


15. Still in the cells area, follow the corridor along and go up the only set of stairs. Once at the top, head for the first cell on the right; it will be locked and sealed up but you will be able to shoot the Score Star through the bars.


16. After the monster breaks through the brick wall and leaves a hole, go through the hole and turn left. The next Score Star should be visible behind the bars and inside the cell.


Spencer Mansion Revisited

17. After inserting the gold and yellows crest into the plaque and releasing the iron gate mechanism - don't enter but instead head down the stairs to the left of the gate and you will see the Score Star behind a grate.


Before proceeding - know that this is the point of no return. Please ensure that you have collected all Score Stars listed above before continuing onto the final segment of the DLC.

18. After you've completed the section where you have to use the traps to crush the monsters, you will be close to completing the Lost in Nightmares DLC. The last remaining Score Star is located at the top of a pair of stairs and just to the left. You will, however, have to go a little further along the corridor on the right in order to recover your weapons and actually be able to shoot the last Score Star.


And that's that! After collecting Score Star #18 you will be greeted to a lovely achievement or trophy for your trouble. Congratulations!
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