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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999) Resident Evil 3 Remake?


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Has anyone else heard about the rumors of there being a remake of RE3 already in development? What's everyone's thoughts? I'm personally super excited for it to be true. With RE2 already getting a remake and now these rumors, I really hope they remake Code Veronica soon, but that one is probably a little less likely to happen.


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It's still too early to say for sure that it will get a remake, but as a fan i hope that it will. Remake of first game was great, and looks like RE 2 remake is going to be pretty good, so i do have high hopes that possible RE 3 remake will also turn out to be a good game. I like the ideas some other fans had about what they would like to see in it, like more areas and locations around the city to explore and not just ones from original game, or early parts of the game taking place during the outbreak and all the chaos in the city.


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If you've finished playing the RE2make, there a few things to pay notice of:

- The outside of the RPD station is more closely based on the RE3 outline instead of RE2.
- There are certain big cracked holes scattered across the RPD station, that are there before you encounter Mr. X. These could be the work of Nemesis.
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