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Resident Evil 4 Remake RE:4 Connection to RE 7 & 8 - Speculation (spoilers)


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So I know others online have noticed and speculated the same, but it seems that the mysterious black liquid in RE:4 might be connected to the Mold. Both exist in a dormant black liquidy form and both connect subjects to a hive mind. But the thing that really convinced me is Salazar's transformation scene. We see black tendrils climbing out of the depths. They look remarkably similar to the mold we've seen in 7 & 8. I don't think this is a coincidence. Capcom has clearly been trying to retroactively connect their new entries to the old without completely undoing the existing canon. I also can't see them accidentally adding a similar element to the game.

Here's where my speculation takes off. The Plaga, the Megamycete, and the Stairway to the Sun flowers are all described as being "ancient." I believe they are connected. I'm guessing that the mold came first. I can see it being connected to the origin of the plaga, as well as feeding the roots of the flower. If so, this would be an interesting way to explain the way that these various mutations work together. I also don't feel like this negates the individuality of the other mutations (uroboros, progenitor) but instead would act more as an origin of evil. A single ancient cause of all these modern viruses. A single origin sounds slightly less far-fetched than several similar but totally different ones.

Anyways, I can see future games and remakes continuing to make these connections. Though I do appreciate that (if I'm correct) the RE:4 connection is subtle and not explicitly mentioned. That helps to prevent it from undercutting the importance of the Plaga as the central evil of that game, but does help what used to feel like a kind of random entry to feel better integrated into the larger story. I could even see the mold being connected to uroboros in the future, especially since they both have a simlar appearance of writhing black tentacles.

What do you all think?
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