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Resident Evil Zero Preorder themes for PS3 and PS4


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Preordering the Resident Evil 0 game on either the PS3 or PS4 will yield access to these themes.


I definitely like the look of them, however I want them to come with the Origins collection edition too - which I don't think they do, or come as a separate thing to download from the store. I've asked them if it comes with the disk version or at least, will it be added to download separately, so hopefully I get a response. It's kind of annoying since I had no way to get the PS4 theme of the HD REmake either, so it would be nice if both themes are bundled with the PS4 Origins collection, despite the fact I highly doubt they will.

Anyway, what do you think of the themes?


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Ooooooh! Very nice. I want them. Shame too because I wasn't planning on pre-ordering. @.@


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I don't suppose if anyone knows if I could pre-order, get the themes which are available straight away, then cancel the digital version and keep the theme? I want the disk version but it doesn't come with the theme.


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I want the theme so bad. I don't see why EB games/Game Stop can't give you a pre-order bonus code. So many games do this so why can't this?

Gar Bageman

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The PS4 theme is awesome. I love how it changes all the system sounds and music to stuff from the game. NICE. It'll be a looooooooong time before I change from it!

[EDIT] Also, for those who don't know, the themes are exclusive to digital pre-orders and will very likely never be released otherwise.


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I just got a bad ass theme in my e-mail

Awweee yeeeeeaaaah!!! (yes I pride myself with this) ;)





A very good game! Easily top 3 games of the year!


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I downloaded the theme last night (re0)
This is the first time I have applied a theme to my ps4 and I'm really impressed

The choirish music in the ps4 home screen is replaced by the saferoom music and all button movements ane presses are replaced by inventory noises from the game.
The theme looks really nice and changes the looks of some icons too.

I really like it.

Can't wait to start re0 now, my home menu is hyping me up to play it heh


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Yea it's a shame there's no other way to get the theme, I got the disc version too. But at least the people who pre-ordered got something exclusive. Usually that stuff ends up on the store like a week after.

I'm using the PS 20th Anniversary theme for the nostalgia lol.


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I actually managed to get it when there was a glitch in the store. It was available for free for a couple of hours on the release day of RE0 so I luckily managed to get it :D
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