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Original Trilogy Remastered Potential


G Virus Experiment
JUST IN CASE there is indeed an Original Trilogy Remaster on the horizon, I just want to share this little e-mail I had with Capcom about a month back:


Thank you for contacting Capcom Customer Support. Regarding classic Resident Evil titles on modern platforms, no announcements have been made, but we will pass your feedback along to the appropriate team. For the latest news on all of our games, we encourage you to check out our community site, Capcom Unity, as well as Capcom’s official Facebook page and official Twitter.

Best Regards,

CAPCOM USA Customer Support

They say that No Announcements have been made yet, but I feel like that doomsday clock is counting down to SOMETHING big!


The King of Kings
Apparently the original Resident Evil 2 logo has been updated on the Resident Evil portal. Ports of the original trilogy would be fantastic but I highly doubt they'd make this much of a commotion over some old games. Though, I also doubt they'd make this big a deal for any one thing either as an update on Village alone would be extremely underwhelming and something big like Resident Evil 4 Remake would kill any anticipation for Village's multiplayer and DLC offerings.

Hopefully they manage to show more than one thing however as I fully expect to see something on Village. But if they could squeeze in anything like Resident Evil 4 Remake, Revelations 3, a Classic Collection, or Upgraded Next-Gen versions of RE 2 and 3 I'd definitely be interested. Would be nice if they did some sort of huge update on the series consisting of all of these things.


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From a companies perspective, REmake 1,2, and 3 are considered sufficient. If you dig through the web though, you can download fan made remasters of all 3 titles, which I have right on my desktop and have higher resolutions and framerates, as well as some optional gameplay tweaks. Not sure if I'm allowed to share that info though!


G Virus Experiment
I have my PS2 still working if I want to play the original games. I just really want to play them on modern hardware and maybe looking a touch better. I would also love to see Trophies/Achievements added. I have played the original RE2 and RE3 probably about 10-12 times each through the years, but it has been some time now.

Any news would be good news though - I suppose DLC for Village is the thing I want the least, but RE7 had some really great DLC added, so I guess there are some fun options.


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Not expecting anything, but as a fans we feed with this stuff.

Main thing, is just "History" Tab updated on RE Portal, with RE1 RE2 RE3 RE0 (Next Update: 2/22).
While RE1 and RE3 nothing new, even gameplay pics are pixelated, old... But RE2, not logo look interesting, but character 3d renders e.g.:
More at RE Portal: https://game.capcom.com/residentevil/en/about-portal.html?ref=history_01_link_more&tit=re2

Especially Clair face looks uplifted, or just used same 3d model from cutscenes.
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