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I make good toast
Hi and welcome! We are so glad you've decided to sign up here and be part of our little community. We are REALLY looking forward to seeing what you have to say, your views on all things Resident Evil and even some randomness in our General Discussion area.

Not going to bore you with rules in this post, because you can access them here. However, we do need to reiterate one essential thing which is covered in the forum rules but seems to get overlooked:

If your post or thread is not immediately visible, PLEASE DON'T KEEP RE-POSTING IT until you can see it. We have a very strict anti-spam procedure here and new members often find that, initially, some of their posts are held in the moderation queue and are therefore "invisible". It's not that we consider you to be a filthy spammer, it's just how the system reacts sometimes. We aim to get ALL moderated posts sorted within 24 hours so we ask that during this time you be patient and bear with us.

If you are unsure of a post or thread you have made and want to check with us first, please do feel free to contact any member of staff who will be more than happy to help you out. Our current list of staff members (who are in different time-zones, so you should hopefully be able to find at least one online when you need them) is as follows:

@La Femme Fatale

Any one of these people will happily assist you and if for any reason there are no staff around, any member will help out if they can. Just ask - we're a friendly bunch here!

tl;dr - be patient, ask any questions and most of all HAVE FUN!
Not open for further replies.
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