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Netflix Live-Action series cast announced


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I think it's sad that you even felt like you needed to explain to everyone that you're not racist before saying anything. I swear, that word is quickly losing its meaning with how often it gets slinged around by betas who shut down and immediately get in defense mode at the slightest complex thought.

I like Lance Reddick. He was the best character in both Horizon: Zero Dawn and Quantum Break but Wesker he is not. The show reeks of CW pandering fan fiction garbage anyway. So I'm not surprised. Can't wait for Infinite Darkness though.


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I think it's sad that you even felt like you needed to explain to everyone that you're not racist before saying anything. I
I know, right? But in the past 24 hrs woke simps have been throwing the R word at anyone who dared to say that a black, bald man ain't exactly the best choice to portray a blonde, white eugenicist. Truth is, people these days don't even know what that word really means. What I really hate is those SJW wannabes who say "I don't see anything wrong with it - he's a good actor" - they don't even get that Wesker works as a character because he's white: iconography is not a joke. Hell, he wouldn't give you the same frisson if he was a redhead or had a beard: he's this clean-cut, martial-looking, Aryan a-hole. He's Iceman's (Val Kimer's character in TOP GUN) Nazi twin. There's no way you can take a black man and turn into something even remotely like him. Just as you cannot take a white guy and turn him into Shaft: only black men can be that kind of cool.
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Well, it's Netflix, what did you expect?

What I find even more ridiculous than casting Lance Reddick as Wesker, is the fact that this looks like it's going to be exactly like those joke banners for it - boring teen drama. The only difference being the compulsory "diversification".



G Virus Experiment
I actually like the casting. I am not sure that skin tone really needs to be taken in to consideration for Wesker specifically. What matters is his ability to strike fear in to our hearts and Reddick certainly has the voice and presence of a feared leader. I understand some people wont think it fits, but I think it adds gravitas to the role which I appreciate.
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