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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999) Nemesis terrifies me


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So, one of the leading scary things about my childhood was when Nemesis would appear in Resident Evil 3. There would be no warning other than a change of music and after that he could show up at pretty much any angle at any time as long as that music is playing.

So one time I'm going through the police station, and I've done this a thousand times before. I always make it pass the last room before the lobby in every playthrough I do, but this last time it's different. I'm going through that room and Nemesis pops up out of nowhere saying "Stars!" and scares me so bad I scream and my dad come running in the room to see what I'm screaming about.

Did Nemesis ever get you like that while playing?


The King of Kings
There was a very specific moment that caught me off guard that made me jump and that was when Carlos is returning to Jill and Nemesis busts through the wall just as your nearing her location. However, that wasn't the moment that got me. It was everything that happened after. I'm feeling cocky as hell and confident that I can just keep running to my destination unharmed, and as I'm nearing the door, I see his tentacles stretch towards me from across the screen, which gives me a small shock, but I still got away unharmed. After this though, I think I'm getting away scot-free, and then Nemesis emerges from the background fire charging at me and it was just such a great survival horror moment. I get close to the door but he grabs me and throws me back, which sends me in a bit of a panic, but I was able to get away. The build up and close calls in such a short time frame were just absolutely perfect.:lol:


G Virus Experiment
Yeah, the first Police Station attack got me BAD the first time I played. I was only 12 in 99, so you know I was literally MELTING DOWN screaming as I attempted to run and switch weapons. AND he follows you. He just casually opens a door. I was like NOOOOOOO. Not again!

I was also not a fan of him popping up in that alley where you have to put out the fire and he is ready to punch you in the heart.
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The funny thing is on the GameCube version the hold weapon button is the same as the dodge button, so when I had to fight him I just stood there shooting and dodging all his blows automatically, so I took him out in no time flat. Instead of trying to run and turn every now and again before lining up my shot.


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When I played Resident Evil 3, I was six years old. Nemesis gave me nightmares, especially because my brother would torment me by chasing me and growling 'S.T.A.R.S.'. :lol:

I was also not a fan of him popping up in that alley where you have to put out the fire and he is ready to punch you in the heart.

Yep, this bit always got me as a kid.


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Yeah people fail to realize he was a very scary version.Tte remake nemesis is only actiony and hass badass moments.The original even to this day is scary
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