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Need Some Help With A Recent Purchase

Murderer Enshrined

Well-Known Member
I live in America and I have an XBOX 360

And I ordered Code Veronica and Resident Evil 4 and they both come in the same case

It looks like this:

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Obviously, it must've come from Japan

I ordered it on ebay

I tried to run one disk then the other and both times I got this message:

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I tried going to settings and messing with the region by going to language and locale

but it kept giving me the same message

i tried going to

but i really didn't get any solutions there

Does anybody know if there's a way for me to make these games play, considering my XBOX 360 was obviously the one made for the united states?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Thank you

Gun Powder B

Well-Known Member
Sorry man, it's the same deal as Blu Ray, both the disks and the system have to be region compatible and there is no universal "on size fits all". Europe, Japan and North America all have different regions and versions of gaming hardware. You may have to send it back or try to find Japanese Xbox and see if you can localize it.

A long time ago I bought a bunch of Spaghetti Westerns from Italy and they wouldn't work because my Blu Ray player was not Euro compatible.

Frag Maniac

Well-Known Member
For future reference, ALWAYS make sure you look for a specified region when buying older content (a lot of it today is global and will work anywhere). If you don't see a region listed, ask the seller. However it's a high likelihood it's a scam if they're selling it to US customers if it's got foreign text on it, so it might be better to go by that than the answer you get. The product you got clearly shows Japanese text on it, this is why I would only buy such content if a pic of the product is shown.

You can't always count on eBay to fight for you either. I saw a post recently by an eBay seller whom sold a 1080 Ti. The buyer admitted it was working when he got it, but had also said earlier he wanted to do a shunt mod on it, and now eBay is allowing him to refund it since it suddenly, mysteriously no longer works. OK, it's not really a mystery, he just wants eBay to think that. He very likely screwed up his mod.

With places like eBay, it's buyer AND seller beware.
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Murderer Enshrined

Well-Known Member
Thanks. I appreciate the info. I should've known better.

Guess it ends up being a $61.96 mistake.

But, lesson learned. Oh, well.

I'm just glad it wasn't something far more expensive.
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