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Resident Evil 3 Remake My Take on an RE3make Extended Cut The Clock Tower Part 1.

Nick Springthorpe.

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And we're back with Part Four of my take on Resident Evil 3 Remake Extended Cut. Last time we explored a more non-linear version of Downtown Raccoon City with a few new locations and a few expanded areas. Now we move on to what many players consider to be the biggest cut area of all Saint Michael's Clock Tower.

We begin from Jill's point of view disoriented from the train crash. Her vision is blurry and her ears are ringing. As her vision clears we see Carlos's face looking down at her.

"Good, you're awake. Thought we'd lost for a second." He reaches down to pull Jill up.

"Where are we?" Jill asks.

"Somewhere between the Central Station and the Clock Tower," Carlos answers. Jill looks behind her at the flaming wreckage of the subway train. The flames trigger the memory of Nemesis's massacre.

"Are there any other survivors? She asks almost hesitantly. Carlos shakes his head. "No... it's just you, me, and Tyrell left. Come on let's get going." He leads Jill to the safe room where Tyrell is waiting for them.

"You're awake, that's great. I've got some good news. This exit tunnel leads to just outside the Clock Tower. There's an emergency shelter set up there."

"That's great," Carlos says.

"It gets better," Tyrell continues. UBCS has a designated landing zone set up there. In order to signal for extraction, we just need to ring the Clock Tower bell and the chopper will come running."

"Then let's not waste any time," Carlos says. Everybody grab what you can carry and let's go."

Before leaving, Jill will acquire the memo on the mine round kit. Unlike the final game where mine rounds are their own separate type of ammo, here they are a grenade upgrade kit.

The 3-D Model shows a box similar to the mine thrower rounds from the original RE3, containing sensor fuses that attach to the head of the shell and two sets of bands that go around the rim. One is magnetic, and the other is adhesive. This is how the Mine Round is able to stick to any in-game surface. Each kit is good for making six rounds of any grenade type. So now not only can we shoot explosive mine rounds, but also incendiary, acid, and the returning favorite cryo.

Anyway, our trio makes it to the surface, realizes Nemesis is still alive, and heads for the pedestrian bridge. We get the scene where the flaming Nemesis blasts out of the tunnel and stumbles into the river. "Bitch can't even swim," remarks Jill.

"I wouldn't bet money on that," Tyrell says. "He's right," Carlos adds. "Let's get moving." The trio runs across the bridge as something in the water swims toward the bridge.

With a splash, the Nemesis leaps out of the water. Unlike the final game where this serves as the introduction to his beast form, here we are introduced to the Remake's version of Tentacle Nemesis. This version posted on Residence of Evil's Twitter page gives some idea of what he may look like. Credit to artist John Dimayuga.


(Update: I've decided to delay introducing this form of Nemesis for a little while. One thing the height of the figure in the picture would be too tall to fit inside the bridge. And two, I think it would serve better as Nemesis's third form rather than his second. so for his new second form, (Update: I've just found a depiction to start from https://www.deviantart.com/tyrant0400tp/art/RESIDENT-EVIL-3-REMAKE-NEMESIS-INJURED-Render-834544409 Credit to the artist https://www.deviantart.com/tyrant0400tp) Using this image as a starting point, I would make the tentacles on the right arm more prominent since the restraining device is on the left side of his body. Having them starting to bulge out of the arm while not having them completely cover it yet.

He wastes no time chasing our heroes down, closing the gap in just a few seconds. With a sweep of his tentacled arm, he throws Tyrell off the bridge into the river.

"Tyrell!" Jill calls out.

"Don't stop, keep going!" Carlos calls out. The two make it to the end of the bridge and leap over the edge only for Nemesis to jump far ahead enough to land in front of them.

What follows is a brief boss fight. Jill and Carlos split up with the mercenary going left and Jill going right. The objective of the fight is to simply get Nemesis down on one knee. Easier said than done because he has a few new moves.

1. Grenade catch. I found the easiest way to get rare items out of Nemesis in the remake is to simply toss a grenade at his feet. That won't fly with his second form, because if he sees the grenade coming, he'll catch it in his tentacle and throw it back. The same goes for grenade rounds. If he sees it he'll catch it in mid-air and toss it aside. The only type of round that has an effect is the new mine rounds. Like other grenade rounds, if Nemesis sees it coming, he'll catch it, however with the mine grenades he can't discard it. To understand this concept, cover a hand grenade with flypaper, stick it to the hand of your worst enemy and pull the pin. You can also shoot them at the ground or onto objects and lead Nemesis to them.

2. Tentacle whip. A move from the original game. Nemesis's pimp slaps Jill with his tentacles if she gets too close.

3. Tentacle Pierce. Another old favorite, Nemesis extends his tentacle and pierces Jill.

Once you've got Nemesis down on one knee, Carlos calls out Jill to run for the Clock Tower gate. Jill hightails it as Nemesis get's back on his clawed feet. Jill dives into a front roll as Carlos shoots the chain holding up the portcullis. For those of you unfamiliar with medieval architecture, that's the iron gate that goes behind a castle drawbridge. Nemesis reaches out for her only for the sharp metal stakes to pierce his tentacles only for the portcullis spikes to shear off his tentacles. Clutching his arm in pain, the monster roars at Jill and staggers off. Once again Jill and Carlos make a narrow escape.

Now it's time to do what many of us wanted to do at this part but weren't able to. Explore the Clock Tower. Now the brochure states https://residentevil.fandom.com/wiki/Clock_Tower_Brochure.

This would mean the old school facilities were demolished which gives us room to renovate. Now Santiago Ibarra painstakingly recreated the Clock Tower in Unreal Engine. I'll put a link to his video below.

But even as impressive as that is, I think we still need to go further. One of the strengths of the Remakes in the Resident Evil series is their ability to redesign classic locations in a way that offers something new, while still taking cues from the original in many ways. A great example is the RPD in RE2 Remake. which offered a new experience that still invoked feelings of nostalgia players had for the original.

We'll start our tour in the Foyer. This room is an excellent example of making the old feel new again. The architecture is instantly familiar to anyone who played the original, yet it portends the offering of a different experience. In the case of the Foyer, it has been transformed into a UBCS operations center. Military cases are scattered throughout the room, tables and desks are covered with maps and reports, and an improvised medical station has been set up to treat the wounded. A log report provides a timeline of UBCS operations at the Clock Tower. Like everywhere else in Raccoon City, the reports are not good. Jill and Carlos decide to gather what equipment they can, search for any survivors and figure out a way to get Nemesis out of the picture. To cover ground faster Jill suggests they split up but keep in contact.

Here we enter our fifth Live Decision. Search the First Floor or the Second. This decision is inspired by the two starting points for the clock tower in the original. It will determine the order in which you explore the first floor as well as an upcoming event. But long-term-wise, it doesn't affect the story much.

On the first floor, there are two areas to explore. The door to the left leads to the West Wing of the Clock Tower which as we can see from this model I found on Deviant Art. https://www.deviantart.com/mattcroft008/art/Resident-Evil-3-Remake-Clock-Tower-xps-837905776 Is very small in proportion to the East Wing.

This area is going to be a walkthrough museum dedicated to the history of the Clock Tower. It will be made up of three exhibit galleries.

The first exhibit is about the construction of the Clock Tower, with enlarged photographs and scale models showing the Clock Tower in different stages of construction.

The second exhibit room through the North Door is about the history of the Clock Tower. The walls are lined with portraits as well as more photographs including the dedication ceremony in 1908 and the first class of the Elementary School.

The third and final exhibit through the east door is dedicated to the restoration of the Clock Tower, complete with a bronze statue of Mayor Michael Warren. It basically boils down to kissing Umbrella's ass for giving the city money to restore the Clock Tower.

At the end of the room are two doorways. A pair of double doors on the right lead back to the foyer behind the main stairs, while the single door ahead requires the Chronos Key and leads to the exhibit restoration studio, which will be instantly recognizable to fans who'll notice the large bell blocking the back door. An artist's note reveals the bell was in the process of being restored when he decided it would be better used as a doorstop.

The door on the right leads to a guest reception room which takes design cues from the original clock tower's dining room. Beyond the reception desk is a pair of double doors leading to a grand ballroom. This ballroom takes the one from the original and expands it to cover most of the East Wing. The number of large windows has increased from two to five. Dining tables had been set up in front of them. A large stage sits at the north end of the room. By the time Jill and Carlos arrive the Ballroom has been renovated by UBCS as a shelter for survivors. Most of the furniture that was in the room has been moved in front of the windows to serve as barricades, including the grand piano. The dance floor is covered with beds. Boxes of emergency supplies lay piled up against the walls.

Unfortunately for Jill and Carlos, the survivors who holed up in the ballroom have become zombies, turning the once sanctuary into a hall of death. A door along the west wall leads to a long hallway, the same one that led to the art room in the original. Here, however, it leads to the kitchen. After all the ballroom is a place for hosting social events like New Year's balls and Political Fundraisers. So a kitchen for catering is a must.

The second floor differs depending on which wing you're in. The East Wing is home to the offices of the Clock Tower staff, including the Office of the Clock Tower Curator. Other amenities at his disposal include a private study and dining room. The other important room on this floor is the archives room which takes cues from the study in the original clock tower.

The West Wing's second floor consists of a U-shaped stairway leading to the third floor. It isn't visible from the Foyer and is found by heading through a narrow hall on the west second-floor walkway.

Choosing to take the first floor will lead to Carlos calling you on the radio from the Curator's office. When you arrive you'll find him sitting in the chair looking burnt out. When Jill asks him what's wrong, He tells her to look behind that door. The door leads to the Curator's study which resembles the living room from the original. On the couch, Jill finds the bodies of a UBCS soldier and a woman. It was clearly a suicide pact, and it was enough for Carlos to finally hit his breaking point. Maybe he saw Jill and himself in those two, who knows?

If you used the Emergency Brake in the original RE3, the scene that plays out should be familiar to you. Carlos's machismo has crumbled and we see a more vulnerable side to him.

"You know, the minute we touched down, part of me just knew this mission was going to go tits up."


"We started out with 120 men, by the end of the first day there was less than half. Day after that, down to nothing, poof gone. I'm probably the last one left. Hell chances are good we're the only two people left in this whole f*ckin city."

"Don't talk like that!" Jill tells him. "There's got to be other survivors out there."

"You don't really believe that do you, Jill? Do you think that son of a b*tch outside is just going to let you walk out of town alive? No, if I'm going to die here I'm gonna go out my terms." He raises his handgun only for Jill to grab it and slap him across the face.

"Get a hold of yourself!" They stare at each other for a few moments. "Look, I get it! You lost a lot of friends out there. Believe me, I've been there, I know it feels. But I'm not going to just curl up and die because things look grim. Think about Mikhail! He gave his life so we could escape! And you're gonna repay him by offing yourself?" A moment of silence follows interrupted by a call on the radio.

"Is anyone on this channel? Carlos, Jill? This is Tyrell, if you can read me, I'm heading for the hospital over."

Carlos hesitates for a moment, then picks up his radio. "Read you loud and clear Tyrell."

"Man I'm glad to hear your voice. What's your situation over?"

"We're at the Clock Tower, still working on the extraction chopper over."

"Great, well if either of you gets the chance, I wouldn't mind a little backup over."

"No can do I'm afraid, We've got our hands full here and..."

"He'll be right over," Jill interrupts.

"Whoa whoa hey, what about that thing outside?" Carlos protests.

"It's me he's after," Jill reminds him.

"Is she nuts?" Tyrell asks over the radio.

"Look we both know how important Dr. Bard's research is. We need to get it out of the city."

Carlos is understandably still not convinced. "I still don't like the idea of you turning yourself into bait for that monster. Once was bad enough, twice is pushing your luck.

"Carlos, listen to me, I'll be okay, Tyrell needs you, Raccoon City needs you."

Carlos reluctantly concedes. "Alright, but if something happens you contact me straight away, you got that?"

"Hey don't worry about me I'm Supercop remember?"

With one final chuckle, Carlos laughs and says "Yeah sure."

Wow, that went on longer than I thought it would. I'm not even halfway done and already this post is ridiculously huge. So what I'm going to do is cut this into two parts. This is part one of the Clock Tower and coming up next is part 2. Where we'll explore the second option, reveal what part the puzzles play, have our third battle with Nemesis, and find out how the rest of the Clock Tower segment plays out. Until next time.
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