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Resident Evil 3 Remake My Take on an RE3make Extended Cut Part Three.

Nick Springthorpe.

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And we're back again. In the last part, we replaced the police station sequence from the final game with the one originally planned for it. Now we come to Downtown Raccoon City. A place often mentioned by people who post threads on how the game could've been better. For this area of the game, rather than improving the story, we're going to try and improve the gameplay experience. Now the details of downtown are well done. The problem as stated by countless players is that for being the streets of Downtown Raccoon City, it's limited to two streets.

The first step will be to expand the area we currently have. (See Above.)

1. Toy Uncle. For a toy store with a giant bobblehead on the roof, it has an insultingly small interior. We're going to fix that by getting rid of the debris blocking our way and adding in the rest of the store. As you pass the point where the overturned cart was, you see several horizontal rows of shelves filled with toys that reference other Capcom franchises including Mega Man, Street Fighter, Ghosts, and, Goblins, etc. At the other end of the shelves is a checkout area with a kiddy ride of Rush from Mega Man. From the registers turn right and head down an L-shaped corridor to end up back at the entrance. Basically, the whole store is a circle. We're also going to add a large back stockroom, which is filled with shelves of boxes and has a staircase leading to the second-floor break room and manager's office. The final addition will be the rooftop which is accessed by a ladder from the catwalk. And a back alley exit that connects to the alleys Jill runs through while fleeing the Nemesis and his rocket launcher.

2. STAGLA Gas Station. We'll start by removing the crates blocking the alleyway. Then make the station itself an explorable area. Mostly identical to MIZOIL from RE2 Remake. (Update I've decided to add a puzzle to the gas station. See below)

3. Jim's Crabs. In the final release, this building is just for show and the alley between it and Moon's Doughnuts is blocked by a car. Our version is a typical sit-down seafood restaurant that bears a few similarities to Grill 13 from the original RE3 including the gas leak in the kitchen. Both the alley and the back door lead to a new section of the L train Street.

4. Larry's Book Shop. According to the Official Site, Larry's features an excellent collection of Comic Books. Like the Toy Store, the comics reference other Capcom series including Dino Crisis, Rival Schools, Strider, and Dead Rising. A fairly decent-sized building with a second floor.

5. Substation Street. Clear some of the cars to allow Jill to reach the scaffolding earlier. This will make a very handy shortcut.

Now that we've expanded our existing area. It's time to begin adding on. To start, let's add a new section to the L train Street. This section connects the Subway office, Doughnut Shop, and Pharmacy to the Gas Station, and is accessible either by the backdoor of Jim's Crabs, or the alley between Jim's and the Doughnut Shop. This section features a new explorable building. The Raccoon Press Office. This three-story building located on the west side of the street is an area from the original that was cut from the remake. The First floor consists of the front office and the main staircase. Unlike the original, the building is not on fire giving us the opportunity to fully explore all three floors. The second floor consists of mostly open cubicle space as well as a break room. On the third floor is higher-up offices including the editor-in-chief. This building is completely optional for the story, containing only additional items and files.

(Update: I've decided to add a basement level to the building where Jill has to go during the rocket launcher chase with Nemesis. See more below.)

With all this new space, we've turned the Downtown Map into a much more open area and that means we can move to the next part.

Fixing Nemesis's pathfinding. Even though they've been compared to death by now, I must reiterate that Mr. X beats Nemesis hands down in the persistent stalker department. Mr. X followed you constantly through the game. Nemesis by contrast follows you for the first half of the game, then sort of gives up after the subway. For a character known as one of the relentless pursuers in video games, this just won't do. But, now that we've opened up Downtown, We can change that. First, we make Nemesis a permanent enemy the entire time you're in the downtown area. Simple right? With the expanded streets and alleys, we've essentially created a virtual mouse maze.

Second, we incorporate some stealth elements into the game when Nemesis is near. Think Alien Isolation, only in the third person.

First, Jill can crouch under or hide behind objects and remain undetected as long as Nemesis didn't see her hide. Examples include counters, windows, shelves, cars, desks, crates, and corners. In addition, she can hide in certain areas such as lockers and closets.

Second, Jill can use certain 'distraction items' including firecrackers, bricks, glasses, and road flares. Throwing these will lure Nemesis away. In addition, certain objects when hit by a distracting object will make sounds. For example, hitting a car will set its alarm off.

(Update: I just had an idea to improve Nemesis's AI that should make the game a lot more challenging. In addition to using his line of sight to search for Jill, Nemesis can also listen for sounds Jill makes, The most important of these being gunshots and explosions. This means that shooting zombies too often will draw Nemesis to your location. This forces the player to have to choose between shooting enemies or using the dodge mechanic.)

(Another update, I've decided to replace the grenade you receive from the clock puzzle with a suppressor attachment for the Glock. This replaces the compensator that Nemesis drops. Using it is essential for dispatching enemies Downtown.)

The third thing is simply using environmental objects to incapacitate Nemesis for a short time.

Fourth and finally, Nemesis cannot be fooled by the same trick twice. If he sees Jill climb into a closet, He'll check every closet he finds, and destroy it. If Jill stuns him with a portable generator he'll smash each one that he finds.

On a final note, Nemesis can't enter save rooms except on Inferno, and he can't enter a puzzle room once it's been activated, except on Nightmare.

Okay now that the gameplay has been addressed, it's time to talk about the story. Honestly, Downtown's story segment doesn't have too many problems. As for the sewers and the construction site, well they're fine. All that's left is the chase back to the subway station. The only difference being rather than a linear chase, it's a game of cat and mouse, with Jill trying to lure the Nemesis into various traps. How many of you have wanted to drop Charlie's big head on Nemesis?

(Update. I've decided to lengthen the last chase back to the subway. This would start when Jill returns for the first time. When Carlos delivers the line about they need about thirty to forty minutes for repairs, he explains how the train blew some fuses when the power came back and its brakes need hydraulic fluid. After the battle with Flamethrower Nemesis, Jill needs to collect these items while dodging Nemesis and his rocket launcher.

The fuses can be found in the basement of the Raccoon Press office. They are powering the backup generators in the basement which is why the building still has power. This gives us reason to explore the press office as the basement door is locked. I would also add brain suckers to the basement as an alternative to the Drain Deimos. Once the fuses are obtained Nemesis shows up and blasts the backup generators. This causes an electrical surge which causes fires to erupt throughout the press office. The front entrance is cut off by one such fire forcing Jill to head for the third floor. The Nemesis follows but just as it seems Jill is cornered a flashfire explodes a door next to him stunning him. Jill takes advantage of the opportunity to throw a chair out a window and dive out into an open dumpster below.

The hydraulic fluid can be obtained at the gas station. But it has to be mixed. This is a return of the gas station puzzle from the original. The difference here is that instead of switching the light so only the correct number is lit. Jill has to mix the right proportions of machine oil and additive. A sign on the wall next to the machine shows the formulas for four different products. Jill needs to make hydraulic fluid which is D. At the start Both the machine oil and the additive have start and stop buttons. To solve the puzzle you have to which lines to stop pouring one and start pouring the other. Once the puzzle is complete, Nemesis shows up. Fortunately for Jill, Carlos has good timing and the scene plays out similarly to the original.)

I would add the ability to return uptown to check on Dario. *Spoiler alert* He commits suicide rather than being eaten by zombies. Collect his suicide note and supplies and head on back.

If you return to the Gun Shop, Jill finds Kendo has left. She leaves him a note on the counter. )

And that's it stay tuned for part 4 when we take a tour of the refurbished Saint Michael Clock Tower.
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