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Resident Evil 3 Remake My take on a RE3make Extended Cut Part One.

Nick Springthorpe.

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Hello and welcome to my first post on this thread. Like many of you, I enjoyed RE2make when it came out and was excited about RE3make. I wouldn't say I hated it so much as I was left wanting more. The game got off on the right foot, but by the end, I felt the whole experience had been rushed. So that got the gears in my head turning. One thing you need to know about me is that I have Aspergers Syndrome which means when I get something in my head. I can't get it out until I get something different in my head.

So for the last, umm...let's say three months, I've been putting together ideas of how to fix the story and gameplay issues RE3make has and this is what I came up with. Without further ado, I give you my pitch for Resident Evil 3 Remake The Extended Cut.

The game opens the same with the live-action segment with the exception of the title which adds Extended Cut. We transition to Jill's Nightmare. This time when we get to the mirror sequence, we are re-introduced to the original game's live decision mechanic. The screen flashes white and we are given control of Jill's head via look mode. Instead of choosing one of two displayed options, we must find them on the sink. In this case, we can choose either the handgun which ends the nightmare like the final game. Or a bottle of medicine. Let's choose that.

Jill twists the cap off, pops some pills, and cups down a drink of water. The screen which was growing steadily bloodier as the transformation further returns to black and white. Jill looks in the mirror to find the transformation has reversed. She sighs in relief. Then the transformation begins again faster. Jill screams in horror and then feels the uncontrollable urge to vomit. Vomit she does into the sink, but to her horror her bile is acidic. Jill feels her throat begin to close up and falls from the sink, knocking over the pills with her. She chokes on her own vomit which is now eating through her neck and pouring onto the tile. The pill bottle rolls over to her. The last thing Jill sees before waking up is the Red Cross on the label morphing into the Umbrella logo.

Like the original game, the live decisions are timed. In this case, letting the clock run out completes Jill's transformation ending the nightmare with her lunging at her reflection and by extension the player.

Jill wakes up and the rest of the apartment sequence plays the same as initially.

The next change happens in Bar Jack after Brad is bitten. Once again we return to the live decision. This time we are given two options. Talk to Brad or Leave him. Since the latter option is pretty self-explanatory we'll try the first. This is an interactive version of Jill and Brad's dialogue and the decision goes through it line by line.

The first time he refuses. The choices are presented again. Talking to him twice results in the same effect. The choices are presented one more time. Only this time talk is replaced by grab.

Jill grabs Brad by the collar and with a pivot of her hip pulls him away from the door and throws him behind her. The doors burst open as the zombies enter leaving Jill only enough time to grab Brad and run out the back. From here on out Brad accompanies Jill to the parking garage. Adding additional dialog such as telling Jill to go after she takes the Glock off the fallen officer and warning her about the falling sign. When they get to the warehouse Dario points out Brad's bite as one more reason not to come out.

"It doesn't matter who you are, once you're bitten you all turn sooner or later. Just like my Mother...*choke* and my Wife...*Sob* And my daughter! Now leave me alone!" If you listen afterward you can hear him lamenting to himself about becoming a salesman instead of an author. "I guess this the end of Dario Rosso, bestselling author, cut down before his prime."

Once you reach the parking lot elevator, the zombie that comes out attacks Brad biting him a second time. He manages to get it off and shoot it in the head. Brad tells Jill to go on without him. She refuses, leaving him no choice but to push her into the elevator. Before she can get him, Brad presses the 6 and door close button. As a parting gift, he throws his card case containing his ID card and Badge in with her. With regretful realization, Jill rides the elevator to the roof.

On the roof of the parking lot Nemesis brings down the helicopter just like before and Jill gets in the car. The car starts the first time as we enter the third live decision.

As Jill Speeds toward Nemesis we are given two options. A. Bail Out or B.Use the Handbrake.

A. Results in Jill bailing out as the car hits Nemesis head-on. It crashes through the concrete barrier leaving Nemmy dangling with one axle over the edge. His added weight sends the car and him over the edge to the street below. Leaving Nemesis under four tons of Detroit steel. Jill must now descend the parking lot to the street level, dodging zombies, sliding over haphazardly parked cars, and even the crate van whose crates fall through a hole in the ceiling.

B. Results in Jill hip-checking Nemesis with a precision drift. A confined chase ensures as Jill races down to the street level with Nemesis constantly popping up to take the car apart piece by piece. By the time Jill reaches the bottom, the car is missing the rear bumper, the driver-side door, and most of the roof.

Not making a decision results in Jill and Nemesis driving off the roof, though this time it's fatal because no seat belt or no airbag in a fall that far. Dead.

Regardless of whether you reach the bottom on foot or behind the wheel Nemesis cuts Jill off by descending from the level above. On foot, He grabs Jill by the head and throws her behind him. While in the car he causes Jill to crash head-on into him. Either way, Jill is dazed and vulnerable. This is the point in the game where Carlos nerfs Nemesis with the rocket launcher. And if you left Brad at the bar that is exactly what happens. But if you brought Brad to the Parking lot...

"Hey ****face!" Nemesis turns around as two bullets enter his shoulder. Brad stands in front of the open elevator, Samurai Edge clutched in one hand. His other arm hangs limply to the side soaked in blood. One of the legs of his pants is torn and the leg underneath is torn up. As a final touch, one of his ears has been torn off leaving a streak of blood running down the side of his face. Judging from the corpses of the zombies in front of the elevator and the copious amount of blood on the walls it's clear Brad was swarmed and somehow managed to kill them all at the cost of leaving one foot in the grave.

He continues to fire at Nemesis convincing him to forget about Jill for the moment. He tells her to run and this time Jill does not hesitate. Brad continues shooting until he runs out of ammo, then throws his empty gun at Nemesis. The Pursuer lifts Brad by the neck, but with the last of his strength, Brad manages to reach his STARS knife and stab into Nemesis's wrist. To his disappointment, the monster does not even flinch and merely pulls the knife out and looks at it. With one last laugh, Brad says "Well it was worth a shot." Unfortunately for O'l Chicken Heart Nemesis doesn't have much of a sense of humor as he drops the knife and presses his hand up to Brad's face as we fade to black with the sound of Brad's screams silenced with a slimy sound.

And that was part one of Resident Evil 3 Remake Extended Cut. Like I said this is my first post. If you liked my thread leave me a comment telling me your thoughts on it. I should have part two up by Thanksgiving.
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