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Resident Evil 3 Remake My take on a RE3make Extended Cut Part 5.

Nick Springthorpe.

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And we're back. Last time, we finished up imagining what the clock tower section could've been. Today we continue the story with a return to Spencer Memorial Hospital.

The scene transitions into a zoom-out to reveal a bell placed against the door. The zoom-out stops at the over-the-shoulder view to reveal Carlos shortly after Tyrell's call. He mutters to himself about who leaves a bell in front of a door. After pushing it aside, he steps outside to what we're going to call Saint Michael's Square.

The Clock Tower Brochure says it was built adjacent to Saint Michael's Church. So the two buildings are going to be separated by the square. Each side of the square features a stone flight of stairs and a statue of the archangel Michael stands in the middle. The church shares the same baroque style as the Clock Tower. and features a single pair of large double doors. On the west side of the church is the churchyard, which is basically a walking path that leads to the Saint Michael Cemetary. Carlos needs to pass through here to reach the road leading to the hospital. During the journey, he feels a slight tremor. "What the hell was that?" Exiting the cemetery, he finds himself on Park Street outside Raccoon Park which will play a part a little later. For now, Carlos head's west and turns north at the next intersection.

"Tyrell, I can see the hospital, It's just up the street. What's your situation over?"

"I'm just around the corner from the entrance, Over."

"Alright, we'll meet inside over."

"Just a heads up this place is likely to be crawling with zombies over."

"As opposed to every other place in town, see you soon over and out."

"Roger, over and out."

(Update, I just found a video showing the outside of the hospital. Link:
Credit to Coyote Wild.)

Carlos meets Tyrell at the entrance which is crowded with haphazardly parked cars and ambulances. Their first objective is to clear the entrance of any zombies for their escape later. Once this is done they head inside to find the power is out. Turning on their flashlights they proceed deeper into the hospital. Upon reaching the entrance to Dr. Bard's office, He calls out to him and this time gets an answer.

"Dr. Bard are you in there?"

"Who's there? Who are you?"

"Corporal Carlos Oliveira UBCS."

Bard's response will depend on who he spoke to on the computer in the S.T.A.R.S office. If you spoke to him as Jill he will initially respond with hostility and suspicion. But after Carlos affirms he is with Jill and promises not to turn him over to the company, he calms down. If you spoke to him as Carlos the hostility will be absent.

Regardless, the situation remains the same. The generator is off and Carlos needs to get down there and power it up. Because the voice-operated lock needs power, obviously. We're going to replace the lock on the door leading underground with a keycard lock. You need to find one of Bard's colleagues and get their keycard. Then you can head down to the generator room and power it up. After this is done Carlos gets a call from Jill on the radio.

"Carlos...help." Time for a live decision.

A. Rush to Jill's aid. B. Get Dr. Bard free.

The first choice sees Carlos dropping everything to rescue Jill. He leaves Tyrell behind at the hospital to head back to the Clock Tower. He finds Jill at the bottom of the roof access stairs. He contacts Tyrell telling him he's bringing Jill to the church. He does so and leaves her on the altar. Upon returning to the hospital he enters Dr. Bard's office to find both Bard and Tyrell shot dead. He checks the computer only to find the hard drive has been shot up. He looks in the sample room to find the vaccine sample missing. Suddenly an explosion from the lobby shakes the hospital. The killer planted explosives on the columns in the lobby collapsing the roof. Carlos is now trapped in the hospital with the hunters. Fortunately, the tremor knocked over a roof of research folders revealing a hidden wall safe with a keypad. A quick check of Bard's pockets reveals a slip of paper with the number. Inside is a sample of the vaccine.

After retreating to the basement, Carlos finds himself in the loading bay. He manages to escape by climbing a ladder to a catwalk and heading through a door into a utility corridor that ends at a ladder. On the wall is a sign showing a diagram of the ladder with a statue concealing the ground-level entrance. Carlos presses a button under the sign and the statue slides out of the way to let him out.

Carlos climbs out to find himself in Raccoon Park not far from the church. He heads back there, encountering another tremor along the way, and gives Jill the vaccine.

The second choice sees Carlos completing the hospital in one visit. Upon returning to Dr. Bard, the good doctor is understandably hesitant to hand over the vaccine given he was saving it leverage. But Carlos eventually manages to persuade him. However, Bard is unwilling to take his chances on the streets. He insists on taking an emergency access tunnel that connects the loading area to Raccoon Park. The trio exits the statue at Raccoon park and heads for the church. Unfortunately, as soon as they enter the cemetery, they are spotted by a sniper's scope. A laser dot appears on Bard's chest and a second later a bullet rips his chest killing him quickly. Carlos and Tyrell are forced to duck for cover, using the graves as cover while trying to avoid roving zombies.

They eventually make it to the church. But upon reaching the belfry, they only find the sniper rifle attached to a tripod. The shooter was operating it via remote control. After disabling it, Carlos heads back to the Clock Tower to find Jill. He arrives to find Jill unconscious. Realizing she is infected, he injects her with the vaccine and carries her back to the church. After placing Jill down on the altar Tyrell calls him over to show him something. In the sacristy, behind the decorative fireplace, there is a secret room set up as a UBCS monitor safehouse.

Time passes as Carlos and Tyrell stand guard over Jill for the next two days. Then on the night of October 1st, the broadcast announcing the forthcoming missile strike plays. Carlos decides to head for the underground to retrieve Bard's vaccine data. And that's where we're going to leave off. Next time join me for the final thread of my pitch for Resident Evil 3 Remake Extended Cut.
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