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Resident Evil 3 Remake My take on a RE3make Extended Cut Final Part.

Nick Springthorpe.

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It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, that's what happens when you work in the service industry around the holidays. Anyway without further ado, here is the final part of my take for RE3 Remake Extended Cut. When we last left off it was Oct 1st, Jill woke up on the altar to find Carlos standing there. We the scene where Jill dreams of Carlos turning into a zombie. After she wakes up for real, she finds Tyrell standing by her side, if he's still alive that is. Regardless she hears the broadcast coming from the hidden safehouse about Raccoon City being bombed at daybreak. Things only get worse when the Nemesis in his new third form https://i.redd.it/7lvvizsgtqs41.jpg crashes through the stained glass window and lands on the altar crushing it. He chases Jill outside to the graveyard, where a sudden tremor sends the graves toppling over. Then in an eruption of dirt, a familiar foe rises from the earth. The Grave Digger. It would seem Jill has two boss enemies to contend with.

This starts off as a chase sequence with Jill running from the Nemesis while also trying to avoid the Grave Digger. All the while the Cemetary is sinking around her. Lucky for her, however, the circumstances are about to change. The Nemesis snares her with his tentacles and pulls her in for the kill. When suddenly The Grave Digger bursts out from the ground and lunges at him. Nemesis is forced to release Jill as the two fight over who gets to kill her. This is our next live decision moment. Jill has to decide who she's going to 'help' in this fight. There are two options. A: a large obelisk grave monument leaning dangerously over a section of loose earth. And B: A deep puddle of water with two precariously perched lamposts next to it.

The first choice sees Jill blasting the obelisk the Grave Digger is standing under. The heavy base of the structure tumbles on top of the giant arthropod stunning it and breaking off the obelisk. The Nemesis still showing traces of human ingenuity, grabs the obelisk with a tentacle and hurls it like a spear into the maw of the Grave Digger with enough force to pierce its brain and kill it.

The second choice sees Jill blasting the lamposts into the puddle Nemesis is standing in. The electrocution stuns it, giving the Grave Digger the chance to snare the Nemesis in its mandibles and drag it underground.

After making her choice, Jill uses the opportunity to make good her escape. In this way, the player gets to choose which one Jill ends up fighting as well as see a fight between the two big bosses of RE3. Of course, the winner of the fight decides to thank her by trying to kill her, which means Jill has to fight whoever she helped win.

The Nemesis fight sees our tentacled pursuer making use of his newly formed claws to lunge and slash at Jill. As well as his tentacles like a lizard's tongue and his legs to dash and leap about the battlefield. Think of the final battle with Mr. X at the end of the original RE2. This stage of mutation bridges the gap between its humanoid and bestial forms. Surviving means expert use of the dodge and shoot mechanic as no matter how much distance you put between you and him, he will close the gap quickly. Success will stun him giving Jill the chance to lay the damage on.

The Grave Digger battle, by contrast, is the very opposite. While the Nemesis fight is fast-paced and focuses on staying on the run, the Grave Digger forces the player to avoid running at all costs. You see the arthropod senses the vibrations in the earth made by Jill's footsteps. Running will only lead it to your location faster. Think the shark tank from Batman Arkham City. The secret to winning is staying still whenever possible and only walking when you have to move. A seismographic reading in the corner of your screen will monitor the Grave Digger's movements in relation to yours and the controller will rumble the more it gets closer to you. If you stick it out long enough, the Grave Digger will surface to look for you.

You can also knock down tombstones hanging near the edge of the sinkhole to create decoy vibrations for the Grave Digger to follow. As well as drop them on its head when it's on the surface. You can also push or kick over larger monuments to distract it.

In both cases, once the boss is defeated, Jill escapes from the sunken cemetery by an exposed sewer tunnel. She follows to it a ladder and exits a manhole to find herself in Raccoon Park. She finds the statue with the ladder underneath it along with her name carved into the base next to an arrow. "This is definitely a sign I'm on the right track," remarks Jill. She descends the ladder and follows the path to the loading bay. She calls the elevator and takes it down to the underground storage area.

The Underground Warehouse plays out much like before with Jill having to gather the fuses. The difference is after she gets to the surveillance room and reads the unfinished activity log, she finds one last entry.

10/1 0230 Made it to NEST 2 surveillance room. Spotted CO entering underground storage via Raccoon Park entrance. Will observe to see what objective is.

Jill and optionally Tyrell playback recent footage on the monitor and we flashback to Carlo's arrival at NEST 2. We play as Carlos as he makes contact with the US military. They agree to delay the missile strike if Carlos can provide them with the vaccine research data. With the deal struck Carlos enters NEST 2 and basically does what Jill does In the original game, making the vaccine sample. Upon leaving the room through the door, he finds the barrel of Nicholai's handgun pressed against his temple. Nicholai demands he hand over the vaccine, to which Carlos reluctantly does so. Nicholai rewards him with a pistol whip to the head knocking him unconscious. He looks up at the camera. "Ms. Valentine, if you see this, come and find me, in the disposal room. We have a business to discuss. And bring a sample of your blood." Nicholai wants Jill's blood because he knows Carlos gave her the vaccine. A vaccinated blood sample would be very tempting for the right buyer. Jill knows it's a trap, but with Carlos's life on the line, she knows she has no choice.

Jill heads into NEST 2 optionally accompanied by Tyrell. The Nemesis crashes through now in its xenomorph form and kills him while Jill makes it inside. She heads into the experiment room and draws a sample of blood from her arm. She even takes the time to apply a kitten band-aid. It's at this point that the Nemesis breaks in and Jill is forced to escape through the vent shaft. She makes it to the room with all the fuel tanks and we get the scene where Nemesis grabs her. This time however we get more than just Jill dragging herself to the elevator. We get a tug-of-war match between Jill and Nemesis where the player has to shoot the fuel valves on the tanks to get Nemesis to weaken its grip. Each successful shot gets Jill a little closer to the elevator. She has to keep it up until one of the tanks blows up next to Nemesis forcing it to release her. Jill hauls ass to the elevator as the room begins to go up.

After making use of the save room, Jill steps into the disposal room. (Going to bed now more tomorrow.)

(Update: Eight days later, sorry again working these days is a real drain.) Anyway, Jill steps out into the disposal room and finds Carlos with his wrists zip-tied to the staircase railing. "Carlos." He slowly raises his head in pain. "J-Jill," She bends down and begins cutting through his restraints. Suddenly she feels the sensation of a gun barrel pressed against the back of her head.

"You're getting too predictable for your own good," Nicholai smirks. "Stand up slowly and toss your weapons over the side." Jill reluctantly complies.

"So your getting out of here on your own is that?" She asks.

"I made certain the other supervisors didn't survive. Since I'm the only one who knows what actually happened here, I'll have more bargaining power when it comes to discussing my bonus."

"Let me guess, there's a price on my head too?"

"That is correct," He takes the blood sample from her. "Before I go, however, I'd like to express my heartfelt thanks for being so cooperative. Please understand this is all strictly business." He prepares to pull the trigger when suddenly the door blows open and the Nemesis scrambles out. Nicholai cuts and runs while Jill frantically tries to free Carlos while the Nemesis closes in.

"Jill, get out of here leave me." Jill wants to protest but with the Nemesis closing in she has no choice. She descends the staircase just as the Nemesis destroys it sending her tumbling into the disposal pit. The Nemesis jumps in after her and the boss battle begins. (Gotta go to work now.)

(Update: I'm back let's finish this.)

The battle plays out similarly to how it originally did. But this time Jill starts without any of her weapons. After tossing them over the side, they lay scattered around the arena. Jill must gather them up while avoiding Nemesis's attacks. While she does this Carlos manages to break free of his plasticuffs and makes his way to the control room. This is where the battle enters its second stage with Nemesis running around the arena. Once the battle is over Carlos lowers the crane to Jill. She climbs on but as it rises so does the Nemesis who grabs onto the crane with its stretchy arm. Jill has to shoot it loose and send it plunging back into the pit which Carlos floods with acid.

So now we move on to the room with the rail gun. Jill and Carlos confront Nicholai, they are once again interrupted by the Nemesis who has mutated once again.

Now like many of you, I had issues with the game's final battle particularly the Nemesis's slam combo. It's so goddamn cheap. So I'm going to replace that form with his final form from the original RE3. You're welcome. The main differences between this battle and the last are as follows.

1. Nemesis is about a third larger than his previous form. His speed and turning are considerably slower, more akin to the second form of the Queen Leech 2nd form from RE0.

2. He retains his old move set from the original RE3 including a charging tackle, tentacle whips, acid spit, acid spray, and his back mouth instakill.

3. This battle is more about staying on the move rather than standing in front of the rail gun until he drops. The way to slow him down and injure him involves shooting the pustules which now appear on his legs. Doing so will drop him allowing Jill to push a battery in.

4. The design for the rail gun has changed. I didn't like the design of the so-called Finger. It's too unwieldy and impractical. So I've redesigned it into a remote-operated turret. Once Jill opens the outer shell, the turret unfolds into its firing form. To fire it, Jill needs to man the console next to it. The game will transition to a targeting sight on the turret. Unlike the Sword of Paracelsus Jill can rotate the turret and adjust the elevation of the barrel. The goal obviously is to shoot the Nemesis before it recovers.

5. After firing a shot, one or more of the batteries will eject. Jill must push them back in to reactivate the cannon. This can only be done safely while the Nemesis is incapacitated.

6. It takes three to four shots to finish off the Nemesis. With each successful hit, the Nemesis's mobility is reduced, but its use of acid increases.

Once the final hit is landed, Jill heads for the ladder, only to find that the Nemesis is still alive. which brings us to our 8th live decision. Like in the original, she can choose to finish it off or simply head up the ladder.

Choosing the first option, The player must finish off the slow-moving Nemesis with whatever ammo they have left. "Next time take the ****ing hint!" When finally defeated, the Nemesis bursts open and the remaining acid inside melts it into sludge.

The second option sees Jill ignore it and head up the ladder and to the surface after Carlos. Either way she finds him unconscious at the feet of Nicholai and the scene plays out like before. The only difference is when Nicholai has Carlos as a human shield Jill has to make one last live decision. She can shoot Nicholai in the shoulder or pull off a fatal headshot. If you left the Nemesis behind, it will crash through the helipad like the Tyrant as Jill and Carlos lift off and devour Nicholai. Depending on whether or not you killed him already will be either painless or excruciating for the Umbrella Mercenary.

Jill and Carlos board the helicopter. If the Nemesis is alive on the Helipad, Jill takes one last look at it, then flies off.

We get the scene of the missile obliterating Raccoon City, only in our version after Carlos pulls the helicopter out of a stall, Jill looks back at the mushroom cloud and delivers her internal monologue before the image transitions to a news report.

"Good Morning, breaking news, we now have confirmation that the missile strike on Raccoon City has been successfully carried out. According to a Pentagon Spokesman, the missile used in the strike was contrary to popular belief not armed with a nuclear warhead, but rather a thermobaric payload. When asked by one of our journalists about the extent of the destruction, the Spokesman quote said "Raccoon City has been literally wiped off the map." Current estimates have the expected death toll passing the 100,000 mark. Our hearts go out to those poor civilians of Raccoon City and their families. When we come back, the President's address from the Oval Office regarding this controversial decision."

In a post-credits credits scene, we see an outdoor shooting range where an obscured shooter destroys several targets with a magnum revolver. A car pulls up to the range and stops. Jill and Carlos get out. The man ejects the shells from the cylinder and prepares to reload with a speed loader when a buzzer sounds. The man removes the speed loader and places a chamber lock-in. He puts the gun down and turns around revealing himself to be Barry Burton.

"Jill? You're alive?" Barry can hardly believe his eyes.

"It's good to see you again Barry," Jill says.

"Where's Brad? Did he make it too?" Jill shakes her head.

"No, he didn't," She admits. Barry sighs.

"I'm sorry to hear that," He looks at Carlos. "Friends of yours?"

"I like to think so," Carlos answers.

"We need to find Chris, do you know where he is?" Jill asks cutting to the chase. Barry answers "Yes" as we fade to an establishing shot of Chris's safe house in Paris. On the desk is a letter addressed to STARS.

And that's the finale of my pitch for Resident Evil 3 Remake Extended Cut. I want to know what you thought of it. Was it better than the game we got? Worse? What ideas do you think could've Improved RE3make? let me know in the comments below. Also, I have one more thread to post regarding certain unlockable content. Until next time.
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