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Let's Slay Some Stiffs: Call Of The Dead Black Ops Zombies

Ridley Lockhart

Well-Known Member
Iconic film director George A. Romero, synonymous with zombies and the horror genre takes part in a popular little game mode called Call Of Duty Zombies. This in particular is Call Of The Dead. As a student of the film game, and definitely the horror genre, taking four horror icons and Romero the icon himself against hordes of the walking dead, pun intended. Part of the Escalation DLC pack, Call Of The Dead stars Sarah Michelle Gellar a.k.a. Buffy Summers the vampire slayer, for any n00bs who aren't privy to that, also Robert Englund a.k.a. Freddy Krueger in this nightmare, then prolific and omnipresent Danny Trejo a.k.a. Machete always somewhere wherever there's undead zombies or vampires or low budget straight to DVD scripts, and finally Michael Rooker a.k.a. Meryl Dixon from The Walking Dead(see the pun was intended for a reason).





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