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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999) Jill is super fast

Hey, I was just playing some Nemesis, already got out of the downtown and uptown area, and realized Jills speed while running I feel is the fastest in all the series. maybe with the exception of the sprint option in 6, Jill definatly runs the fastest out of all characters in the old school games. Just a silly observation. Being at full health also counts.

Whenever I play that game, I always try to do something different, the randomness of item placement is also unique to that game. Like finding gunpowder and herbs in different locations, and whether you wanna fight nemesis or not. Last time I played that game I tried to kill nemesis every time to get the most special items. This time im just running past him. I wanna beat it with in 3 or 4 hours, cuz Ill be getting Resi 4 this Tuesday and playing that. Gonna be a fun week. I beat Zero and 1 (2002) last week, both games took me a couple days each. Damn awesome.


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Now that you mention it I guess Jill does run really fast. I think Ada also runs the fastest in Resident Evil 4 (you know, despite the fact that she wears high heels). I think basically what these two female characters lack in physical strength they make up for in agility and intelligence.
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