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Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (1999) Is Nemesis the Resident Evil version of the Terminator?


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Did the creators of Nemesis get a lot of inspiration from the Terminator? Both antagonists seem identical in several ways;
  1. Both have orders to eliminate the main characters
  2. Both are capable of using weapons
  3. Both will kill others who get in the way of their mission
  4. Both can take a lot of damage
  5. Both are killed by their targets
  6. Both are well known and well received by the fans of their franchise
Any others I may have missed? Any notable differences between the two?


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You have a point, I guess Nemmy is kind of similar to the Terminator (and that would make Jill like Sarah Conner lol).

Although appearance-wise Nemesis looks more like those cenobites from the Hellraiser series (esp Chatterbox). I guess as a monster he could have been inspired by both.


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I just assumed his character was inspired to some degree by the Terminator, was the only one I could think of. And yea I guess Jill would be Resident Evil's "Sarah Connor" lol
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