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Important Topic: Release Resident Evil 3.5


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Hi guys
Friends, you probably know that Resident Evil 4 had a canceled version called Evil 3.5
Although this version could have turned out to be a scary version, it was canceled due to Capcom's policies and its love of money and was not released.
If you are one of those who like to experience this game, go to this first link, like the tweet and sign the second link so that Capcom will get it and maybe publish this amazing game.

Tweet link:

Signature link:


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Hi , just wanted to say this version of resident evil on netflix that has main characters as 14 year old girls and are trying to use cheap effects to introduce new monsters is a load of **** !!

Wow what i would give if they carried on the films from where it ended on the 6th one ! That was resident evil at its best .
All this try new crap is a waste of film and time . None of them have any idea what they are doing


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The only reason they are using teenagers is because of the "last longer on screen" thing !
BUT what the hell that matters for when the programme they are making is a lost cause and is a load of ***** !
It Has lost what the films had ...
Like i said its a lost cause !
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