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Resident Evil Zero Getting ready to start this


Through that door, is a seperate reality.
After years of wanting too, I'm about to dip into this one. Any advice before I start?

Venomous Oddball

Also Known as Maddy
Make sure to give both characters an equal amount of weapons, ammo, and healing items at all times, but if you're planning on giving some herbs to Billy, consider mixing them first as Rebecca, since he can't. Try to save your fire stuff for leech enemies, too. You should also store your items in a central place where you know you'll be coming back to.


The Trickster
You've waited this long to play your namesake!? :p

Pretty much everything Maddy said. I definitely think this is the hardest RE game, especially on hard mode... good luck!

If you're playing as Billy you can keep Rebecca on attack as she only fires when you fire. If you're playing as Rebecca, keep Billy on idle otherwise he's just gonna be wasting your ammo.


Through that door, is a seperate reality.
Any advice on the giant centipede thing that grabs Rebecca in the mansion? I'm having a hard time with it.
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