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George A. Romero's Resident Evil - Fan Made Comic Adaptation


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Maybe somebody already posted something about this on other threads here, but anyway...

RE fan by the name of Sisslethecat is currently working on his comic adaptation of George A. Romero's unproduced Resident Evil script. So far, i have to say he's doing pretty good job with it, and in case if you didn't know about it, look it up, i highly recommend it, specially if you like Romero's script. Just search for something like "Sisslethecat George A. Romero" and you should find his Twitter and other sites such as this one;

where you can read the first 45 pages he did so far. But keep in mind, this is definitely NSFW comic with nudity and VERY graphic gore, and you might end up finding this on some places where, shall we say, lot of other similar "media" is also included, so be careful.

Also, here is podcast interview with Sisslethecat done by Biohazard Declassified;

For those of you who never read it, or maybe even heard about it, Romero's (in)famous leaked first draft dated October 7, 1998;

Unfortunately we can't post PDF copies of it here which would probably be easier to read. Romero did several more drafts, possibly between late 1998 and mid 1999, but this is the only one which was leaked.

Here's artwork of Tyrant by Bernie Wrightson which he did for Romero, and which Sisslethecat will be using as reference for Tyrant in his comic;

Regarding the whole "what could have been" for original Resident Evil film, i'd like to include something more for anyone new here or whoever finds this thread, to help clear out some stories that have been out there for long time. Despite what some rumors online say (old and new), only Romero, another screenwriter Alan B. McElroy, and another director Jamie Blanks worked on different versions of Resident Evil film adaptation before Paul W.S. Anderson's version was made. The rumors about Kevin Williamson or Andrew Kevin Walker writing their Resident Evil scripts are not true. You can find lot more about Romero's version if you search for info about it online. I only heard Blanks talk about his version in this podcast (2:07:36);

As he says, he had a pitch and almost got Cormac and Marianne Wibberley (who interestingly enough did a version of Uncharted when that one was going through its development hell) to write the script, but unfortunately they didn't. Based on this lost article from February 2000 which used to be here;

at least we know what was his pitch;

"It's set in the not so distant future where all viruses and life threatening diseases ie cancer and Aids now are curable. However along comes a megalomaniacal evil corporation that invents an incurable disease and starts testing it out on some human specimens hoping to later infect the world so that the infected cough up their hard earned for a vaccine. Of course, these human specimens turn into murderous zombies and go berserk in Racoon City and it's up to a specially trained group of police to take them down. Hijinx ensue."

When it comes to Alan B. McElroy's script, there is a somewhat complicated backstory behind what happened with that one, but to keep it short and simple, he was the first writer who Constantin hired in January 1997, and he wrote his first draft in May 1997. Here is the short synopsis of it;

McElroy did at least one more revised draft in early 1998. PlayStation Magazine reviewed the script and did their own synopsis of it few months later;

Looks like some changes were made in revised draft, but it's not likely we'll ever be able to compare the two scripts, since first draft is only available at the University of Pittsburgh, and revised draft was only leaked to PSM.
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